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Welcome to The Godless Blog! September 8, 2009

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Exploding out of Twitterland, comes The Godless Blog, where humor and blashphemy hold hands, while skipping down the street to the tune of Lennon’s “Imagine”.



1. Russ - September 8, 2009

If it is godless, why use ‘God’ as one of your tags. The only reason to use ‘God’ as a tag is if He exists. Why put something that you know does not exist in your tags?

thegodless - September 9, 2009

Because, not only do I want some debate from the religious zealots, I want people with an illogical belief in a sky daddy to be exposed to what I have to say. At least it is entirely voluntary for them to come here, it isn’t like I am forcing a child to have part of his penis removed without consent or scaring them with the thoughts of roasting in fire for all time.

2. Russ - September 10, 2009

A few years ago I knew a group of Marines from Camp Pendleton in CA. Two of them were willingly circumcised while on a float. They were not Christians at the time. They explained that being out in the field for weeks on end became very uncomfortable without a shower. Imagine how a woman would feel 3000 years ago if her husband was not circumcised. Circumcision was given by God to the Jews and is not a commandment for Christians.

I am not interested in an argument but if you truly open to honest dialog, so am I.

thegodless - September 11, 2009

“Imagine how a woman would feel 3000 years ago if her husband was not circumcised.”

I imagine that she would have felt just a little more girth of pleasure, along with the man too. Did you know that the foreskin contains some of the most sexually sensitive nerve endings?

If you take your argument of getting circumcised because of being uncomfortable due to not showering to it’s logical conclusion, then why not sew up your mouth when it gets dry from not drinking or why not remove your ear drums when you are in a loud environment? If these men truly got circumcised due to not being able to shower, I can only imagine how nasty their wound must have gotten when they did not properly wash it.

3. Russ - September 14, 2009

Do you honestly think that a bunch of young Maries would willingly be circumcised if it meant that they would not have as much sexual pleasure? I highly doubt it. If you are circumcised it is not the teaching of Christianity or the teaching of Jesus that did this to you. Man did this to you, not God. Sewing up my mouth if it gets dry is an illogical conclusion not a logical conclusion.

The purpose of you blog seems to be merely argumentative instead of promoting honest dialog on meaningful subjects.

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