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How religion has retarded humanity’s growth. September 9, 2009

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While people obliviously congregate in their choice of religious facility, do they ever consider what good they could do if they only stood up and went to work in the name of humanity? I am sure you have all heard the statement that “Two hands working can do more than a thousand clasped in prayer.” If we take this line of thinking even further and begin to imagine how many homes that could have been built in place of the massive religious infrastructure, the neglect we done to our fellow humans becomes all to clear. Without speaking in depth of the wasted availablility of helping hands, funding, and the future problem solvers that have been lost to countless religious wars, we still arrive at a humanity that’s had it’s growth stunted by the prevailing belief in religion. Religion is truly humanity’s achilles heel.    

One of the most heartfelt arguments about the shackles of religion.



1. Shelley F - September 9, 2009

I already believe that religion has been a detriment to progress of humanity, this well put. All thumbs up!

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