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Jesus=Love? September 9, 2009

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Off the top of my head, I can think of quite a few groups that the Bible teaches to either think less of, to outright depise, or to even kill. There are the gays, the nonbelievers, women, people who worship other gods, and well, even your family according to Jesus. In a world that is pushing for the acceptance of diversity, religion is outdated and out of touch. The world will never be peaceful and unified with the predominance of hateful religions.



1. brian - October 9, 2009

Here’s food for thought…Lenin, Mao, and Hitler….all atheists. I’d look more at the human condition than religion as the source of hate.

thegodless - October 10, 2009

I believe today that my conduct is in accordance with the will of the Almighty Creator.

– Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf, Vol. 1 Chapter 2

Even if Hitler was an Atheist, which he was not, there is nothing about Atheism that tells you to hate or kill. Atheism is simply a lack of belief in and gods, while a belief in any particular god comes with doing whatever it is that god tells you and that can be both good or horrendous.

charles - November 14, 2010

a world full of peace is a world empty of religion. period.

2. Derrick - January 31, 2010

This picture is soooo repulsive! Wow. I can’t even stand it!!

thegodless - January 31, 2010

I imagine your talking about the gesture, but what repulses me is how Jesus’ ethnicity has been white washed for the better consumption of white school children. Jesus was actually more similar in appearance to Osama Bid Laden than any European person, but you know Christians wouldn’t worship a god not of their race.

HIS DAUGHTER - October 2, 2010

A true servant worships period, regardless of race. God has no respective color! I’d love him even if he were purple! I believe you might be correct about Jesus’s real appearance?? Do you have a real picture of the Real Jesus? For the record my skin is pale but my spirit is full of color!

3. Shep Daddy - August 15, 2010

who ever did this needs to repent before they die. jesus is not pleased and will never be pleased with this picture. and if i new who did this i might commit a real un godly crime.

HIS DAUGHTER - October 2, 2010

Shep Daddy,
Please take a minute and think on this one. Father God does not want us acting ugly. While I have no appreciation for this disrespectful picture of THE LORD AND SAVIOR it is always best to act in love. We need to pray for these guys. Their eternal soul is at risk. We can’t act like the devil and reflect Father God’s spirit at the same time… WHEN IN DOUBT LOVE!!

4. misstcalia - August 17, 2010

@Shep Wow… nice way to show the love of god. You asshole. That sounds like a threat to me.

I rather enjoyed the picture. Would there to be a god, so that *I* can give him the finger.
God = cruelty, hate, intolerance, lies… I could go on forever!!

HIS DAUGHTER - October 2, 2010


thegodless - October 2, 2010

You want to know where I got all these ugly impressions of your “Father”? From reading the Bible. Try it sometime, you will be shocked at some of the ugly things your “Father” has done to humanity, from killing babies, to committing genocide and mass murder, to forcing people to kill their own kids, to giving man the rules for slavery, to sanctioning of polygamy, etc. Preachers and Evangelists like to overlook and excuse these behaviors, but if God were here today, many would mistake him for the devil. Luckily for humanity, none of it this madness is real.

harley - February 15, 2012

you people are all assholes talking about him like that i hope you guys burn in hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5. thegodless - August 17, 2010

Mr. Shep Daddy, if only I knew who taught you to write, as I might have to do something ungodly too, like educate you. It’s fine though, Jesus couldn’t read or write either. To everyone getting upset about the picture, your no different than Muslims getting angry over depictions of Muhammad. Why have we all become so sensitive lately?

6. HIS DAUGHTER - September 9, 2010

Our Father has requested that I give you this message. You have not received this by mistake and in no way shape or form should you ignore what is being said to you !This is the most import information that anyone will ever receive!
􀁠Our Father wants you all to know the truth. He loves each and every one of you! No matter what you have done and or are currently doing. He is not pleased with all that we do, but this never stops him from loving us anyway. God created us for companionship. We are here on this earth to learn how to love, & the importance of love and how to be a good companion. God wants all of his children to except the gift of eternal life that he has made available through salvation. We must invite Jesus into our heart to be a part of our spirit. John 3:16. We must confess our wrongful acts and ask Jesus to forgive us for doing them to begin with. (everyone who lives will do something wrong). We must ask God to guide us in our daily life and do our best not to do wrong acts. Talk with God in your mind all day long. He will direct your path. When you ask God a question, clear your mind and close our eyes and wait to see what God is saying to your heart. He will answer you, if you wait for an answer. Praise him especially when things are bad and I promise you, things will get better faster than if you don’t. I hope you will answer the father “He stands at the door of your heart & knocks …. Open the door and welcome him… There is no greater love in this world than the love of Our Father, Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
􀁠Love the Lord with your all. Consulting him in all you do, and do not worry If what he tells you to do makes no sense to you. If you are not sure in what he is telling you, ask him for clarification, I.E. a clear sign. Signs can come from a person, the TV, and the radio just to name a few of the channels that the Lord has used with me personally. Now, if you’re smart you will do what he tells you. Life is awesome when you listen. God REALLY, REALLY LOVES US LIKE CRAZY!!!!! HE HAS ALREADY PURCHASED ALL THESE BLESSINGS THAT HE SO DESPERATELY WANTS TO SPOIL HIS CHILDREN WITH. HE IS WAITING FOR US TO EARN THEM. We earn them by walking humbly with our Father. It’s not heavenly to spoil an ungrateful brat. Love each other. You do this by thinking in each situation prior to acting, how would I want to be treated if I were in that persons situation. ALWAYS give grace, Grace =’s kindness, giving the benefit of the doubt) isn’t this how we all prefer to be treated?
􀁠If you desire to learn the truth about God “Andrew Wommack” is a wonderful teacher. You can find him on TV,
or you can go to http://www.awmi.net. I’m honored to be able to share this message.

7. HIS DAUGHTER - September 9, 2010

please consider removing this offensive picture. My lord and savior would not even sign this to satan. It’s not who he is.

I’m sorry that you have not been properly introduced to the great I am. Please check out
http://www.jesus2020.com/?gclid=CNy3uaTW8aMCFV195QodTCgn2A for proper intro.


thegodless - September 9, 2010

Do you not see how apparent it is that “Our” father does not actually exist? I mean, why would such an all powerful god have to rely upon you to pass on this message. And how is it that you can claim to know just what this invisible god wants? Religionists, with a severe case of lacking any proof, can no longer escape the fact that it is madness to hear a voice from someone that is not there. Religion is no longer sacred enough to hide itself away from reality. The most damning thing a religionist can do when pleading with an atheist is to plead with absurd dogma. If you are going to try to convince an atheist, you better be prepared to have at least one piece of proof. Of course, this will never happen, which is why we must always deal with fanatical threats and irrational whining when it comes to arguing the case for god.

8. HIS DAUGHTER - September 30, 2010

My Dear Friend,
I’m so sorry that you have been met with such irritations. If I have threatened you please forgive me and show how I have done this. As My Father God, who is very much alive requires that I walk in peace and love. I also want to point out that I am not religious. I have a very real personal relationship with MY Father and our creator.
Can you please open your mind for just a minute and hear me? Religion is a bunch of bull! It is for the most part mans attempt to make himself feel superior by repeating a bunch of ritualistic events.
Now as far as proof of My Father God goes, I’m going to share with the best of my ability.
It’s kind of a long story but I promise I’ll try to keep it as brief as I can without losing the meet of the events. I also promise not to whine. I also want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to converse with me on this touchy topic.
When I was a young girl I went to many churches but never seemed to find what I had imagined God to be in any of them. I did find a bunch of heathens, who acted like they were better than the rest of the world, who tried to mandate how we all should live. Then it was eventually revealed that these so called God teachers were all not living what they were teaching. In fact these men in the church caused me to believe that if there was a God he did not like me very much. So ,I turned on my heals and walked the way of my own fleshly desires. I believed that most sins were something that should be tried at least once and repeated if it was enjoyable.
I ran my own show until my show ran over me in Jan of 1997. I found myself at what felt like the bottom of a well. I did not care if I lived or died. In fact it really felt like I was dead already because I didn’t even have the strength to kill myself.
It was then, when God called out to me and told me to get up. I really thought I was losing it completely as there was no one in the room. So I laughed. The voice repeated itself again only this time God was very frustrated with me and he said “You heard me,”Get UP”! Being totally honest with you, I truly did not know who I was conversing with at 1st. Then the Lord said he had a very important job for me… I laughed even harder! I wanted to die and how anyone could think I was going to work was funny as all get up to me. With my smarty pants self, I spoke back and said “Oh and what might that job be?” God then told me to tell his children that he loved them regardless of what they were doing. He said he always loves them but does not always love what they do. I said and who are your children? When he said “ALL OF THEM, AS I CREATED EACH AND EVERYONE OF THEM” I knew then that I was talking to Father God. God also said that his so called ministers were doing a very poor job. God said that some of them were even teaching some of the children that he “God hated them and it simply was not true. He “God said that the so called ministers said he hated homosexuals and he did not! He said he did not approve of any sin but it never stopped him from loving the sinner! God then said I needed you to teach the children that he loved them and how to talk with him and how to hear his voice.

9. HIS DAUGHTER - September 30, 2010

If you will sincerely talk with God with out so much anger and ask for direction he will lead you. I must forewarn you that what he tells you is not normally what you want to hear.

I also asked God what the truth was with regards on how to get to heaven. God said that when Jesus was in the garden of gethsemane ,Jesus prayed “Father if there be any other way take this cup from me, God said the cup was not taken. Jesus is the only way.

Proof #1 true story. I was working as a Real Estate agent for one of the most unscrupulous brokers in town. This man was so bad that he kept the secretary’s 401 k when she quit. He would refuse to pay the agents the commissions that they earned if the left. They in turn would have to sue him for their money and the only one who made out was the lawyers. So when it was time for me to leave and open my own company, I quit paying him what I was supposed to pay him. I felt I would need the money to hire the lawyer to get the commissions that was owed to me.
I was in the process of setting up my new company while my license was with this brokers firm. As I was driving down the road on my way to my newly leased space to start putting furniture together, the Lord told me to turn the car around and go pay that man what I owed him. I refused and told the Lord I would need that money to hire a lawyer to get what was owed to me. God than demanded that I be honorable and pay him every cent right then. Being totally honest, I was scared not to as God had never used such a firm tone with me before. So I went to the office and asked the office manager how much I owed, then I wrote the check out, it was almost $4,000.00. Within 3 minutes of me writing the check out the Broker came out of the back and demanded to see me in private. I explained that I would as soon as I finished my conversation with the manager.
When I walked into his office he demanded to know when I was going to pay him, and what in the blank was going on with my Real Estate license. I explained that I had just paid his manager in full. He was shocked. Then I explained that I really appreciated him allowing me to work at his firm for the last 7 years but it was now time for me to open my own shop. Then I explained the questions about my Real Estate license, the Real Estate commission required me to send it in so they could process my new one. I then explained that God had told me to treat him with honor and that was exactly what I was going to do.
I left the firm 2 weeks later and opened my own shop. My old Broker paid me every dime that was owed to me with and issues.
Three months later another agent left and she was owed $20K in commissions. Two years later and $15K in legal fees the judge ordered the old Broker to pay the agent the $20k

10. HIS DAUGHTER - September 30, 2010

Proof # 2 true story. When I was 24 years old I had been trying to get pregnant with what would have been my 2nd child for quite some time. We (me and my husband) tried everything we new of including fertility drugs. (NOTE: I DID NOT BELIEVE IN GOD IN1990 SO I DID NOT PRAY). I had testing done and the test revealed that I did not have any eggs. So egg donation and lots of high-tech stuff was our only solution.
Well we decided that this was too expensive and we would be happy with our little girl who was 6 at that time.
Moving forward 6 years later (1996), after I got divorced, my ex husband turned my daughter against me. She would not have anything to do with me. This broke my heart to a point that I could not have understood without going through it. That is when I felt like I was at the bottom of the well when God called out to me.
Then In 1998 I married again to a man who was very comfortable with the fact that I had no eggs left, so procreation was a non issue. However there was emptiness in my heart and I longed for a child. I asked my new husband if we could do the high-tech stuff as my childhood friend had offered to donate an egg. He said no. Then a young couple in our community got pregnant and could not afford a child so they asked me to adopt their baby. My new husband said no. Then I read in the bible: John 14:14-16 (New International Version)14 You may ask me for anything in my name, and I will do it. (Jesus Promises the Holy Spirit.) 15″If you love me, you will obey what I command. 16And I will ask the Father, and he will give you another Counselor to be with you forever—
So I decided that I would believe it and I started praying. I asked Father God for a little boy with blond ringlets and a beautiful loving heart and requested that he also like to cuddle. I prayed this prayer every day for over 2 months. Each month when aunt flow came I would cry. Then the 2nd month as I was crying ,I told God that maybe he thought I was not good enough to be a mom and if that was the cause to please find something I was good enough to be and let me do that. THE NEXT MONTH : AUNT FLOW DID NOT COME AND THE PREGNANCY TEST SAID + YES – NO AND IT SAID + !!!!!!!!!!!!!! MR. OUR GOD IS AN AWSOME LOVING GOD AND HE LOVES US ALL! MY SON HAD BEAUTFIL BLOND RINGLETS BEFORE HIS DAD MADE ME CUT HIS HAIR AND HE IS NOW 11 YEARS OLD AND HE STILL LOVES TO CUDDLE AND HE IS SO LOVING!

11. HIS DAUGHTER - September 30, 2010

Now to answer your question as to why would such an all powerful God have to rely upon me to pass on this message. He doesn’t have to rely on me. I am glad that he allows me to reach out to his creations in service to him for all that he does for me. God can use anyone or anything he so chooses. God even used a donkey to speak a message before , check it out below.
Numbers 22:21-35 (New International Version)
Balaam’s Donkey
21 Balaam got up in the morning, saddled his donkey and went with the princes of Moab. 22 But God was very angry when he went, and the angel of the LORD stood in the road to oppose him. Balaam was riding on his donkey, and his two servants were with him. 23 When the donkey saw the angel of the LORD standing in the road with a drawn sword in his hand, she turned off the road into a field. Balaam beat her to get her back on the road.
24 Then the angel of the LORD stood in a narrow path between two vineyards, with walls on both sides. 25 When the donkey saw the angel of the LORD, she pressed close to the wall, crushing Balaam’s foot against it. So he beat her again.
26 Then the angel of the LORD moved on ahead and stood in a narrow place where there was no room to turn, either to the right or to the left. 27 When the donkey saw the angel of the LORD, she lay down under Balaam, and he was angry and beat her with his staff. 28 Then the LORD opened the donkey’s mouth, and she said to Balaam, “What have I done to you to make you beat me these three times?”
29 Balaam answered the donkey, “You have made a fool of me! If I had a sword in my hand, I would kill you right now.”
30 The donkey said to Balaam, “Am I not your own donkey, which you have always ridden, to this day? Have I been in the habit of doing this to you?”
“No,” he said.
31 Then the LORD opened Balaam’s eyes, and he saw the angel of the LORD standing in the road with his sword drawn. So he bowed low and fell facedown.
32 The angel of the LORD asked him, “Why have you beaten your donkey these three times? I have come here to oppose you because your path is a reckless one before me. [a] 33 The donkey saw me and turned away from me these three times. If she had not turned away, I would certainly have killed you by now, but I would have spared her.”
34 Balaam said to the angel of the LORD, “I have sinned. I did not realize you were standing in the road to oppose me. Now if you are displeased, I will go back.”
35 The angel of the LORD said to Balaam, “Go with the men, but speak only what I tell you.” So Balaam went with the princes of Balak.

12. HIS DAUGHTER - September 30, 2010

I pray that this helps you. Life is not truly lived without us coming to know Father God “whom I call Daddy”
If you have any other questions or want to hear more of my personal stories, I’ll be happy to help! I’m praying for Father God to draw you close and reveal himself to you in such a way that all doubt is removed from your mind. I pray this prayer in Jesus Holy name… amen
I sign of as His Most Humble Servant and again send you Big Holy Hugs!
P.S. I’m sorry it took me so long to come back to your sight. Please forgive me for not responding sooner.
Again I respectfully request for you to remove the disrespectful picture of My Lord and Savior

13. thegodless - October 1, 2010

All of your so called proofs have natural alternative answers to them and also could be just as easily attributed to Allah, Ronald McDonald, or Crusty the Clown. It is apparent that you have no idea what verifiable proof actually means. Look up the Scientific Method and while your at it look up the actual history of what you believe in. Research the religions that predated yours and you will see that Jesus is just a copycat. All you have provided here is that you take fortunate events in your life and attribute them to your choice of god.

How could I have anything against a god that isn’t real? I do take issue with people worshipping the fictional god of the Bible, as he is a baby killing mass murderer that thinks women are servants, slaves are okay, and people like you deserve Heaven for not thinking critically.

You have simply built an irrational fantasy world around you to give you comfort in times of need. If you are unable to temporarily set aside your wishes and preferences, you will never be able to honestly examine if your beliefs are real or not. It will be hard for you to set aside such indoctrinated biases, but give it a chance.

14. thegodless - October 1, 2010

When you say you don’t have religion, you are not really completely honest. You may have discarded some of the more absurd rituals, but you have also maintain rituals like prayer and the desire to do what you think god is telling you. Religionists maintain these rituals too. It isn’t like your having a real conversation. Have you ever wondered why god always speaks to people that are alone or why it’s always where nobody else can hear it? Ever wonder why miracles never happen where they can be seen? Why doesn’t god ever heal an amputee or a facial deformity? Why is it that miracles always have a more logical and natural explanation? It sounds like you have really just discarded organized religion and decided to follow what religious rules you see fit to. To me, if you have given up on certain aspects of your religion, why not give up on it all. It’s funny that, the closer one gets to following all of Christianity’s dogma, the more insane one seems. This even applies for Muslims. Groups like the Westboro Baptists and Al Qaeda are simply adhering as closely to their religious texts as possible. Why does everyone think they are crazy? Why should people like you be taken serious when you don’t even believe most of your own religion? From a rational standpoint, we are looking at either no god, a god that lacks any power at all, or a god that is the greatest hide and go seek player ever. The simplest and most logical answer is that there is no god. As I said before, if you have any real proof, please show it to me and if not, please examine your biases and wishes against reality.

15. HIS DAUGHTER - October 4, 2010

Dear Friend,

I have been very real with you. If you feel my son was not given by God when medical doctors told me there was no eggs to create a child with and I did not take any form of birth control for over 8 years and only after “Talking to God” then he was conceived. I don’t know what it will take to convince you. I am not trying to get some kind of award out of sharing with you. I feel you cause I have been there.This hurt when scary things out of my control happened . What I would also like to share with you is this: There is power in the name of “Jesus” even if you don’t like him or believe in him.
You see I got very made at God for approx. 2 years even after he had blessed me so richly with my request for a son. For the 2 year period I decided that there was a God, as I had walked and talked with him and he had guided me to great avail many times.However he let me down and so I thought he did not like me so I walked away and quit talking to him. During this time frame in the middle of a 6 inch ice storm my son age 5 at the time ate a tree nut and he had the worst allergic reaction I could have imagined. His lips blew up so bad they looked like they were going to pop, his face swelled and twisted then he started trying to clear his throat, then his throat closed and he stopped breathing! Well my husband who was also mad at God at the time in the middle of the reaction ran to start his truck and while he was in the garage is when my son stopped breathing. My immediate reaction was to throw my hands on my son and say” In The Name of JESUS breath!” My son hicupped and laughed at me and told me I was silly. His face looked like nothing ever happened right after I did that.
Mr. I don’t expect you to beleive anything I share with you today. You really have your heals dug in very hard. That’s ok. God made us each with the right to make our own minds up. I respect that right. I share this with you just incase you find yourself in a spot when you are scared out of your mind for a loved one’s life and your roads are covered with ice and you know that 911 can’t do one thing and neither can you.
Life is so much easier with God than without him. I have ask God to reveal himself to you.
People create dogma and God keeps it real. If this is crazy then I must say I love it. The name of Jesus healed my son. For the record one of my friends who is a nurse and seen many of these exteme reactions said none of the cases that came into the hospital had ever been healed on a dime.

Since you love nature and I know you understand the circle of life, how could you not beleive there was a master planner?
Thank you for conversing with me and I am asking God to bless you and your family.
Father God’s most humble Servant

thegodless - October 4, 2010

So you say, your nurse friend seen many other cases and God didn’t decide to intervene for those. In fact, why would God pick your son to help, while ignoring the hundreds of stillbirths that happen every day. Once again I must say that every miracle you have experienced, could just as easily be explained by natural happenings. Take your miraculous pregnancy, wouldn’t it make more sense to say that an imperfect human measured your egg count incorrectly, rather than saying an invisible unprovable super powered sky dad decided to pick you for pregnancy? I must come back to the point of God never doing anything at all that is overt. Can you not conceive why God’s actions are always random, hidden, and vague? Where are the water to wine, the raising of the dead, or the parting of the water miracles? Why has God seemingly disappeared as man has learned to explain things with rationality? I don’t ask you these things for answers, as I have already arrived at that point, but I would at least ask that you ponder these questions. Thanks for all of the conversations.

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HID DAUGHTER - October 5, 2010

When you use the name of Jesus miracles happen. I leave you with his if you ever find yourself in need of a miracle. Also check out the link and the video below. I would love to know what your thoughts on this one is.

Please go to http://spiritlessons.com/ then scroll down to A Glimpse of Eternity
by Ian McCormack
Ian was night diving off the island of Mauritius when he was stung multiple times by Box Jellyfish, which are among the most venomous creatures in the world. His testimony relates how he clung to life while getting to hospital, was declared clinically dead soon afterwards, and how during this time he had an encounter with Jesus, which radically changed the direction of his life.

I hope you have a nice week. I also hope you’ll share your thoughts after watching the video.
You still didn’t answer the circle of life question….

Warm Regards,
His most humble servant

thegodless - October 6, 2010

When I hear you say the circle of life I think about how life feeds on other life. This means to me that, if there is a god, that god is so depraved that he has made reality to where we living things have to kill other living things just to survive. Then again the circle of life is better explained by an uncaring universe.

thegodless - October 6, 2010

I used to be a Christian you know and I used to call upon Jesus all the time. It never worked, not once. I have seen countless others do so too and never once witnessed any kind of miracles. Since Christianity was invented a few thousand years ago, there has never been one verified miracle.

Jesus - June 4, 2011

I am reading all of this and I just wanted to point out that God so loved the world that he sent his only beloved Son to die on the cross for our sins. He sent many phophets and preformed many miricales which the world did not believe. He told his phophets to tell the people of their sin but they didn’t repent, so God withdrew from mankind and gave them over to their sinful nature. Which means, if man would have loved God, he would not allow all the bad things that you talk about: cancer,murder, children starving….. it is only because of our sin that God allows all of this. It is because of you and me that he has allowed it. He has given His utmost, HIS SON JESUS CHRIST, He can’t give anymore. What else can he give for mankind to believe? This website is designed to creat anger and bickering over what is impossible for only God’s children to believe. If you don’t understand that, that is fine. I will not argue with that but why do you have this site other than to complain and bicker with reality? God doesn’t have to prove himself, He is God and if you don’t understand it, it is because you don’t have the Holy Spirit living in you. God loves you and died for you. It is because of my sin and yours and everybody else that we are living with cancer, hate, starvation…. and so on. If everybody repented and loved God He would heal our land. If you created a creation because you where God but yet your creation murdered each other, didn’t love you, did whatever they wanted to, would you not become angry ( I use that word loosely because God is a God of Love not Hate ) what if you loved your son so much but yet sent him to die a hummility, agonizing death, with him crying out: Why have you forsaken him, but you love your son and haven’t forsaken him. You just want to save mankind, your creation to love you, which they turn their back on you like having this website. You would give your creation over to all the bad things that you see now in our time… cancer, starvation, murder, rape. Why would you save a creation who would not repent of their sin. Repent, just meaning God I know that you are the creater and I am nothing but because of your great love for me and mankind I am sorry. If everybody in the world did this… to your response earlier… that is what would make our world a world of love and God would heal our land and there would be no murder, cancer, aids, birds flue, cows disease, or any diseases. I just answered your question of why God allows all of this. I will not respond back to any thing you have to say other than there are God’s children and then there is the enemies. You see, if I am speaking to God’s ememy, then anything I say can and will be rediculed, justified to what he wants but…. God healed a demonic spirit from a man and he went into a herd of pigs which ran to water and drown but yet God saved the man because of his great love for him. My final comment would be: what would you do if you where the creator, God, had great love for your creation and I stress great, pain, for your creation,love so much for them but yet they said, ” we will do what what we want “. What would you do? You would save those who turned from their sin and said ” Father help me ” would you not? You would give the Holy Spirit to live inside those and give those over to the flames of Hell would you not?

thegodless - June 4, 2011

Wait! God sent his only son (am I not God’s son), who happened to also be himself, to die for us, even though it shouldn’t really count since God can’t really die, which allegedly takes care of our sins that God plotted out for us to commit. Speaking of sins, if God created us and knew exactly what we would, how is he not responsible for our actions. It would be like me making a bomb, setting the bomb to explode, and then blaming the bomb once it exploded. Explain to me how it is that God did not create a portion of the population just to burn in Hell. God knew I would go to Hell and knew this would occur because I don’t see enough evidence to believe in him. God is in control of every aspect of this predicament, yet he is forcing me into Hell. Explain to me how an all knowing, all powerful god is not responsible for the creation and exploits of Satan. God knew in advance of creating Satan that he would one day rebel and allegedly cause harm to humans.

16. His Daughter - October 5, 2010

Dear Friend,
I pondered for years and years and like I originally told you God reached out to me. I know you don’t believe the stories I have shared. That’s ok. I am asking God to reach out to you and when he does then I believe you’ll believe then.
Please check out the link & the video below and let me know what your thoughts on this one?

Then scroll down to the story named:

A Glimpse of Eternity
by Ian McCormack

Then click on video and watch it please.

Ian was night diving off the island of Mauritius when he was stung multiple times by Box Jellyfish, which are among the most venomous creatures in the world. His testimony relates how he clung to life while getting to hospital, was declared clinically dead soon afterwards, and how during this time he had an encounter with Jesus, which radically changed the direction of his life.

Thanks for sharing and I pray you have a nice week.
His Daughter and most humble servant

17. Terri - October 5, 2010

I am SO sick of this thread!!! Seriously! There is NO proof for god… period.. none.. a few things that go your way is not proof that god exists, it just means, something went your way… maybe because you tried harder, maybe something changes in the body.. but god had NOTHING to do with ANYTHING.. and that little tingly feeling you have inside when you think about god and when you pray, well, that’s just you… talking to yourself.. that’s what praying is, talking to yourself.. it’s most places they call that schizophrenia…
Then when something doesn’t go your way or something bad happens, it wasn’t the devil, it was you.. you some how fucked something up, or something was just not meant to be.

I am constantly amazed at how diluted people STILL are about religion. NOTHING proves there is a god, NOTHING… And I’m just completely sick of people and there stupid sob stories and their supposed “miracles”…

When a plane crashes and ONE baby survives, IT’S NOT A MIRACLE, it’s a damn tragedy for the other 100’s that died and their family!!! Great for that baby, fucked up for everyone else!

God does not exist and there is proof of that all over… God cares about who’s soccer team wins but has said fuck all to the thousands of people starving and the thousands of people dying in places like Africa because their laws are outrages and they teach kids to kill..

And aides is ramped. And here we have the pope (you know, the asshole in the dress), saying condoms are bad.. who the fuck listens to that bunch of shit??? Oh yeah, a bunch of catholic idiots with outdated laws and views… Jesus motherfucking christ… snap the fuck out of it, you idiots!!

Ummmmm.. excuse me!! where is your fucking god then? Taking a much needed break from doing NOTHING?

Get real theists! Just cuz you want there to be a god to make you feel all nice nice inside, does not mean there is one!
The bible is just another book of myths like any other book that used to claim to be religious.. Look up Greek mythology, and you’ll see what I mean..

The virgin birth, nothing new, it’s in other’s stories too, along with the great messiah and miracles and returning from the dead…
all JUST stories…
So seriously… unless you have some TANGIBLE evidence, you are just talking out your ass.

Your wife getting pregnant is not a miracle.. there are a number of scientific reasons that could happen. One very simple one, was that the Dr. was wrong in the first place…
There are doctors that tell women they can’t get pregnant, then they do.. not a miracle, just a wrong doctor, or a change in the women’s body..

All explainable by science.. and if you have a doctor that says he just can’t explain it… I suggest you find a better doctor who can.

Silly shit! I can’t even believe that in the 21st fucn century we are still even discussing god as a possibility… Xtians and all who believe in magic and invisible beings should all be mocked, laughed at and ridiculed..
As for respect for religion.. don’t even try.. fuck religion, fuck your god and hell yeah, keep the picture up!

18. Terri - October 5, 2010

Oh, and His Daughter… little films on god bullshit and books on god bullshit will not convince an atheist there is a god…
We have our own books written by actual intellects and people who actually know science and what they are talking about…

So, really, I don’t even know why you bother… I can 100% guarantee that Godless Girl will not all of a sudden feel a fuzzy feeling inside and miraculously believe the bullshit you spew…

So, if we can’t convince you that your believes are outdated, ridiculous, and just plain laughable.. You will certainly not turn an atheist to suddenly give up all reason and logic and believe in magic… You are TRULY wasting your breath here…

19. Terri - October 5, 2010

“Ian was night diving off the island of Mauritius when he was stung multiple times by Box Jellyfish, which are among the most venomous creatures in the world. His testimony relates how he clung to life while getting to hospital, was declared clinically dead soon afterwards, and how during this time he had an encounter with Jesus, which radically changed the direction of his life.”

He was strong… his encounter “with jesus” is just a bullshit thing he made up in his head. The dying often see dead relatives… but it’s not a godly thing, it’s an in your head thing… Crazy people often see people who are not there too… is that godly, nope, just crazy.
And in a moment of desperation and almost dying, he might have seen something in his mind… all explainable by science.. They’ve done tests on that.. why don’t you stop reading your magic books and actually pick up a science book that actually explains everything you are talking about..

You won’t.. chicken.. you rather be diluted and think your happy thoughts about god.. what a waste of time and your life, I feel sorry for you and those like you who waste the only life they have seeking something that isn’t there, yet still declaring it is thus lying to themselves and living a life as a lie.. cuz it’s much happier than facing the facts…

Geeez… seriously, pick up a real book….

Oh.. and fire away, cuz I have heard it all and give three god fucks about what anyone thinks. If you believe in god.. I’m just laughing at you for being a sheeple and not thinking for yourself….

20. His Daughter - October 7, 2010

Dear Terri,

I really don’t understand why it is that when two humans have a difference of opinion there needs to be a name calling match. For real what is it all about? Now “ The Godless Man” and I have really enjoyed conversing. I don’t understand why you are sick and yet continue to read. Please accept my most sincere apology for offending you. In my world this is how we are taught to learn. We share thoughts and ideas and this helps fresh water coming into the pond so that the brain does not grow stagnate.
I am not interested in firing away at you or anyone else. I do get where you are at. I have been there and too believed just as you. Only I didn’t try to burst people’s bubbles as I don’t like to hurt anyone’s feelings. I don’t understand how me believing in a God hurts anyone. I do know that he makes me be nice when my inner child just wants to kick rocks. I know that the world benefits from this one as I was raised in the hood and ugly use to be my specialty.
I’m not going to try to convince you to believe contrary to your beliefs. I am going to ask My God who is very loving to draw you close to him and show you the same things that he showed me. Terri what is there to be gained by us being ugly to each other? My God teaches me to love and do what I can to make this world a better place.
I can’t speak for others so called gods, but mine still loves and believes in you regardless of how you feel about him.

When I did think for myself BIG mistakes were made. When I started listening to God my life improved 10000%. Call it what ever you like but when I walk with God I know the truth and it sets me free. In order to get what I have: You must ask Jesus to come into your heart to be a part of your spirit. You must forgive all of whom have trust pasted against you and ask God to forgive your wrongful acts in order to get the relationship to be able to hear God. You must seek his face. He will reveal himself to you then.

I know you didn’t want to hear all this but you ask why God supposedly does for some and not others. Above is what makes the difference.

The only question I ask you is what dogma were you exposed to? I also have to say that I’m so sorry that my belief system has stirred up so much negative energy in your spirit.

Thank you for taking the time to share your inner most personal feelings with someone such as me.

Regardless of our difference of opinion I wish you a blessed week and I wish you love,

I sign off as His daughter and most Humble Servant

21. His Daughter - October 7, 2010

Dear The Godless,

I had the same experience that you did for years. Then God reached out to me and I am asking God to do the same for you. I’m so sorry that this world has been exposed to all the bull dogma. I also want to thank you for carrying yourself as a complete gentleman regardless of our two different opinions. This shows that you have true class and I’m appreciative of your respectful character.
Thanks again for the conversation and blessings to you my friend!

Warm Reagards as always,
His Daughter and most humble servant

22. His Daughter - October 7, 2010

Dear The Godless,

I also need to share this with you. In order to get what I have: You must ask Jesus to come into your heart to be a part of your spirit.” THE KEY THAT WAS MISSING FROM ALL SUPPOSED CHRISTIAN TEACHINGS WAS THIS” You must forgive all of whom have trust pasted against you and ask God to forgive your wrongful acts in order to get the relationship to be able to hear God. You must seek his face. He will reveal himself to you then

23. James - October 21, 2010

I’m actually have mercy on this person who made this picture. He will actually be judged and condemned if he’ll not repent!!!

24. James - October 21, 2010

I don’t believe that Jesus Hates all people , ‘coz He even befriended with the outcasts and what amazed me more is that Jesus in Fact came on earth just to SAVE people from eternal damnation! Make sense?!

25. Mary Kirklin - October 30, 2010

I thin the fact that you put up a picture of Jesus flipping people off is disgusting. He Loves EVERYONE, RACE, CREED, PERSUASION, He loves, only this kind of hate is evil.

thegodless - October 30, 2010

How is it you know the mind of a God? How is it that you think this God is so full of love, when he has a long history of killing us, allowing others to kill us, and making others kill us? You have excused behaviors that we normally recieve as being evil. You have painted a rosy picture for yourself of a mad God. Lucky for you and I, as this God never was. If God was real and the Bible accounts of his actions were true, we should be trembling in fear that he may decide to kill all of our children or tell us to cut the entire penis off. I just don’t get how people can honestly read the Bible and come away with the opinion that God is good.

26. Yazmin - November 4, 2010

Well i think that if you ever do regret putting up this picture and take it down & ask for forgiveness, i would personaly not take it. But Jesus will and he loves you no matter how stupid you are. I just hope that you realize this soon enough!

thegodless - November 5, 2010

You being offended is absurd. I mean it’s not like I went and rolled the stone from Jesus’ grave, stole his body to trick everyone into thinking he came back to life, lied to everyone about seeing him alive, tricked two thousand years worth of humans into believing he was a supernatural savior, and started a world wide cult that has been responsible for countless suffering and millions of deaths.

27. Jennifer - November 7, 2010

Wow, this picture is so very sad….and I’m only a teenager and I see that.

thegodless - November 7, 2010

What’s even sadder is that you’ve barely started life and already you’ve been indoctrinated into the death cult. If religion was so convincing and real, why don’t parents allow their children to grow up and decide? Instead, it’s brainwashing from birth, rendering a rational look at their religion nearly impossible. For this reason, every child should have the opportunity for a public education that teaches critical thinking and study of the world religions and arguments against them. There’s no other widely held belief that humans so blindly accept. Do yourself a huge favor kid and at the very least take a look into the history of your own religion. Look at all of the pre-Jesus messiahs, particularly the one’s that the Jesus myth was based on. It would be a shame for you to not use the logic that you think your God gave you.

28. Terri - November 14, 2010

Jest for the record… Hitler was a Roman Catholic, backed by the Pope & church in his extermination of the Jews.
And Lenin and Mao being atheist has NOTHING to do with the crimes they committed any more than the fact that they are male had anything to do with it, or that they had brown hair, has anything to with it.
I would like to once again point out ALL the wars in the past.. take a nice deep look at the inquisition, just as an example… It’s RELIGIOUS people who start most of the walls… It’s religious people that infest our prisons…

Atheist people know how to be moral without your horrific immoral bible. If you people actually READ the bible, you would see, in the old testament, how many lives were murdered, raped, sold to slavery… but I guess xtians are ok with THAT… yea, real morals….

Read GOT HATES YOU, NOW HATE HIM BACK by CJ Werleman. He goes into detail accounts in the bible and explanations, along with a lot of sarcasm.. Yes sarcasm! Because your religion is ridiculous and you bible is outdated and a myth…

Have fun with that!

29. luca - December 23, 2010

you’re right, religion is obsolete and out of this world but God is not outdated or old, I’m sorry for you but one day, whether you like it or not you will stand before your Creator …. think it will be too late hours !

thegodless - December 23, 2010

While it appears that we have common ground when it comes to our opinions on religion, I completely disagree that there is some sort of a creator. As you are making the claim that there is such a creator, can you provide me with just one tiny bit of verifiable evidence? When I say evidence, I don’t mean that it has to be anything miraculous or spectacular, it just needs to at least be verifiable, for instance evidence that can be reproduced and examined by others. I can say with certainty that you will you not be able to do so. Believers have had thousands of years to make their case and they have never been able to prove the existence of the supernatural. In fact, if you truly believe that you have evidence for your creator, there is a one million dollar reward waiting for you here: http://www.randi.org/site/index.php/1m-challenge.html This reward has been around for quiet some time and not one person has ever been able to claim it. On top of the fact that there has never been one shred of evidence for a creator, there also exists all around us the natural in action. How do you explain the need for a supernatural creator when all of reality shows nothing but naturally occurring events? If everything we see is natural, chances are that everything we don’t see is also natural.

30. Crystal - January 14, 2011

The person who wrote this obviously never read the entire Bible through, or read it and adapted it as a way to justify the hatred already inside his or her own self and overlooked the most important parts of what Jesus preached AGAINST doung. Jesus NEVER taught to hate and even stated that to hate is the same as committing murder, which is what one of the Commandments speaks against. Jesus NEVER said to kill anyone who had sinned, and spent his life trying to help those people and show them the error of their ways. I really have no idea what Bible you have been reading to get such a distorted view. There are plenty of stories in there that show WHAT NOT TO DO and use those as examples as lessons so that we become aware of the wrong way to do things, and then are able to understand the right way. Everything that Jesus preached specifically in the Bible is given to us as ways to live better lives.
For those who believe there is no God because of all of the suffering in the world and question why God doesn’t save people from suffering if He really exists, that is because the majority of people do not love God, nor obey Him. People do not seek God and break a good portion of the Commandments with no remorse. Why should God help those who hate or hurt others? Would you help someone who hated you, spit at yor name, and disrespected you? Those are the ones that are preached about in the Bible. The sinners. Gays and adulterers are under the category of sexual immorality. Killers and haters break the commandment of not killing. Women, Jesus in no way taught to despise or hate women. That was just how women were treated in those times, but if you really read the Bible you would know that Jesus even had women in his close circle of followers. Hypocrites are the ones most preached against, those who claim to know God, but do not live accordingly. Jesus even befriended the tax collectors (or equivalent of drug addicts, lawyers, etc.), prostitutes, and others who were seen as lowly in those times because it states that the healthy do not need a doctor, but the sick. So it is really fascinating to me as to where you, and many of the commentors, get such a distorted opinion of Jesus, God, and the Bible. I am sorry you all have been so misinformed. I have had people in my own life misinform me, but I sought to educate myself on my own and was amazed as what I learned on my own was just about the opposite of what others and society made God out to be. I do blame some of the churches and other religious people for presenting people with a false understanding of God and how and what it means to live a blessed life.
Only those who are genuine about being sorry for their sins they have committed and seek God above all else, and then begin to follow the life God intended for us to live (the Ten Commandments), will begin to see and feel God working in their lives. It is proven to me because I used to be an atheist, but began trying out “this God thing” and it was astounding. It makes no logical sense, but the proof is in my life. Seek to form a closer relationship with God like you would a friend and it will give you a different perspective on society’s “God.”
Don’t seek God through what media, scholars, or even religious leaders say. Seek God yourself and see if there is a difference.

Take care and God Bless!

Crystal - January 14, 2011

P.S. I do not believe in Religions, as that is what breeds evil and hate. I agree with most of you in that, but Religion is man-made. God is not touched by man and you all can still know God minus religion. There are a lot of Hypocrites and Pharisees in this world, but they are just as bad as those who kill, because in a way they are killing God by giving people a distorted perception.

31. Kotryna - April 2, 2011

I’m looking at some of these comments, and I’m convinced religion is a cult. People just blindly follow some odd idea that doesn’t make any sense, and they go apeshit on you when you don’t believe any of it like they do. Then they don’t even listen to reason and just go on bantering the same thing over and over again. What sickens me the most is that they’ll program their children into their religion, and the process never ends.
Sure, some break free of it. I know I did.
But why do people keep on believing in God? I’m pretty sure it’s because they’re afraid of death.
Thing with me is, I’m not afraid of death anymore. I’m not afraid of not having an afterlife. I really don’t find that a problem. So there’s nothing that keeps me believing those lies. I only look at facts.
I am a female teenager, an atheist, and I don’t hate anyone without reason. I thrive on reason and will not abandon it.

32. firas - July 15, 2011

whether you believe it or not, God exist and if science can prove everything then why there are still unresolved issues in this universe and why there is misery, science should’ve bought us happiness and perfection, which is not the fact. so stop manipulating with your destiny. you can do what you want but don’t blame God, what Jesus did is saving us, if you choose to do what you want, then do what you want, if God according to you doesn’t exist and you hate him, will this fact lead you to perfection and will you be the happiest person on earth, come on, open your eyes, you will gain nothing from hate and aggression towards God, in fact this cheap picture shown above, shows how stupid you are, you’re not attacking Jesus you’re attacking yourself.

thegodless - July 16, 2011

It never seems to be difficult to pinpoint why people fall for the outlandish claims of religion. In your instance, it appears that you have a poor understanding of how science and critical thinking work. It also appears that you have a poor understanding of your own religion. Your first problem is that you equate God’s existence with science not being able to answer everything. This kind of thinking is so logically flawed that I must wonder how you manage normal daily decisions. By your logic, I could say that Zeus must be real because science has not yet answered every possible question. This is simply not how things work. You don’t get to just claim that God is real because we don’t know everything. The next thing that you have completely misrepresented is science’s job of bringing us happiness. I don’t know where you got this crazy idea, but science has never purported to bring happiness. Science only claims to bring us as close to the truth as humanly possible. Sometimes, much like what science has shown us about our origins, the truth that science provides us not only doesn’t bring happiness, it can brings great discomfort. The truth sometimes hurts.

As far as Jesus goes, what exactly did he do for us? I hear people claim that he died for our sins, but how could this be when he really didn’t die. If God is eternal and all knowing, he knew that his creations would sin, knew that Jesus would be crucified, knew that Jesus would just come back from the dead, and knew that Jesus would then ascend to the perfection of Heaven to be reunited with his father (aka himself). What exactly did Jesus sacrifice? He’s eternal, thus he didn’t give his life. In fact, be being killed he only got a ticket to a better life in Heaven. How did God sacrifice his only son, when we are also his children and Jesus just went to Heaven to be with him? These problems are only scratching the surface of the problems in the Bible. When people have been taught to just believe in all of this, many never get to the point of asking these questions. Just because you choose to believe these absurdities, it doesn’t take away from the fact that there are problems with these stories. Do you even care if what you believe is true?

33. hildred - August 12, 2011

don’t you ever post pictures like this,this is not a good example to everyone…will you please delete this photo in this site,its not good this is so bad,Jesus is a savior,he sacrifice himself because he loves us,he will never hate people like us,because he is a good man….stop posting pictures like this please,be a good example to all…love each other,be peaceful….

34. Joy - January 1, 2012

I’m sorry you have been so burned out on your experiences with my Best Friend, Jesus. I’m also sorry people have made rude comments to you about how you feel. I wish for everyone that they could know Jesus the way I know Him! I walk with Him every day. He is kind, loving, generous and good to me!

He created us with holes in our hearts so He could fill them up with Himself! I hope some day you will meet Him here on Earth.

You are correct, Jesus has to return to Earth to right all the wrongs people have done! And yes, someday He will do just that…and we all will be there to see it happen!


thegodless - January 1, 2012

The problem is that it’s not just bad experiences with people, it’s bad experiences with reading what Jesus (aka God) did in the Bible. I’m not down with worshipping any being that creates people knowing their destiny and then punishes them with death or eternal torture for turning out how he planned they would. Take for instance the story of the flood; If God knew the future, he would’ve known that he was creating an earth full of people that he was just going to eradicate at a later date. The Bible says it well when it says that love should not hurt. The existence of Hell proves that God does not in fact love us. He knows the future of every person he creates. He even claims to have a plan for all us. If these are true statements, then he creates many people just to burn in Hell. Torture and genocide are not love. The only people that see this as love should be examined for signs of Stockholm Syndrome. Besides these facts, which will ALWAYS keep me from worshipping Jesus, I’d like for someone to explain what it was exactly that Jesus did for us. I hear that he made some great sacrifice, but my mind doesn’t perceive any kind of sacrifice. How can it be called a sacrifice when he didn’t really die? I think many Christians see it as a sacrifice as they know deep down that death really is the end and that he did pay the ultimate price to maintain the religious charade. Jesus may have suffered during death and that could certainly be considered a sacrifice, but to believe he made a sacrifice while he got to be reunited with his father (really just himself) and got to go to a perfect Heaven, I’m just not buying that he made any kind of great sacrifice. If he was God, he knew he wouldn’t actually die and he knew he would be improving his circumstances by dying. Of course, Jesus does seem to have a moment of sanity while on the cross, when he says “Father, why has thou forsaken me?”. For some reason, if Jesus did really exist and die on a cross, I get the feeling that this would’ve been something he really would have said. There are just so many disconnects between what Christians claim and what the Bible actually he says. Christians claim that Jesus is loving and can save people, yet other religions claim that their personal messiahs do the same. Christians claim that Jesus wants peace and healthy families, yet he said that he didn’t come for peace, he came with a sword and that everyone should hate their wives and children. If only people would be as critical with their own religion as they are with other religions. There is a good reason that people don’t buy into all of the other religions are there is a better reason atheists don’t buy into any of them.

35. Kotryna - January 2, 2012

I feel like I need to add this from my previous post. I do believe religion is actually good for some people. Like those people that have gone through drug addictions, and then they “find God” and start working towards becoming a normal functioning member of society. Where would those people be without something holding them down? Religion kind of enforces certain laws with the reward of a good afterlife. It serves its purpose there (to a point, at least, because strictly following the Bible doesn’t do much good either)…I mean if you had to pick a religion, I’d recommend Buddhism. There’s no real worship involved, it’s just a good way of life. Although some of the same problems can be solved with hypnotherapy.
However, religion really has no place for the intelligent people of the world today. If you were to say to me that you are a rational, logical person and you believe in God, I couldn’t take you seriously. They just don’t go together. How I wish people would stop praising Jesus and start praising people that ACTUALLY have accomplished great things for humanity.
Anyway, thanks for spreading the truth. Everyone has the right to know it.

36. David - January 11, 2012

Only with your love will you understand the Lord. He said “unless you hate your father, mother, wife, children, and brethren you cannot come onto me”. I think its a bit misinterpreted though. The idea is that you should Love God above all. You should be able to show God that your love for him wasn’t just to impress someone else, but that it was genuinely for God alone. Not because your father or mother thinks you should. You’re not going to church to get girl or a man, neither do you read the word, and pray to the father for such reasons. You did it genuinely for the love of God.

thegodless - January 11, 2012

I can understand what you are getting at and can even understand if I’m misinterpreting it or if the Biblical interpretation was an error, but taken along with the fact that God (aka Jesus) has a history of committing genocide (which included fetuses, babies, children, & pregnant women), telling parents to stone and sacrifice their children, approving of men having concubines, and approving of men raping women they would like to marry, I’d still maintain that God (aka Jesus) does not in fact love us. According to the Bible’s own definition of love, God’s alleged love does not meet the requirements to be considered love. Look at 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 and count how many of God’s behaviors violate what love is supposed to be.

37. trieunguyen - May 17, 2012

this is not true! the picture doesnt true, God loves people, he doesnt hate us. he died on the cross because our love. dont make the picture like that. i believe in God! i think that who post it should delete this. please dont do that again, we dont want to see it.

38. Le-Chandre - February 4, 2013

Just stumbled across this picture(i was looking for worship pictures!!). At first i was very upset and thought who would ever do this?? Then I started reading all the comments. There’s hatred, anger and then there is some good questions- it is evident that you not only read the bible, but study it……i’m impressed, as i am a believer for more that 10 years now, and i don’t go into that much detail(so ya felt a little guilty there…). I just receive what He reveals to me, and do it….

I believe in God, yes i cannot see Him or touch Him, and nobody ever gave me any scientific proof that He exist. But I’m not too worried about that- I know in my heart that He exist. You know i never believed that He loved me either- but He convinced me one evening, that’s when I decided to give my life to Him. I cannot scientificly explain how He did it, but i know He did.

I realise, we can try and argue with you about this, you’ll just find another thing not to agree with. That’s fine. I respect that.
Lol, maybe someday, God will use that analytical brain of yours for His Kingdom….Oh. He loves you so much!!!

I pray that God will convince you of His unconditional love for you……Oh, man you will never be the same again…..It will change you, who you are…..awesomeness!!
Yes, I’ve read some horrific things that happened in the Bible, especially in the old testament- and God did some of those things…like a horror movie or something…and i hate horror movies…..!! And the way women were treated!! Eish!!

Wish i could give you an answer on that one, but i can’t. One thing I’ve learned in my relatioship with Him, is that i don’t understand everything He does, and sometime i don’t get why He ask me to do certain stuff…and yeah we do argue bout that, but then i do it, and only after i obeyed i understand- that’s called faith. Because if i knew and have proof i would not need faith, right?

Yeah, i don’t understand everything, but i knowthat He loves me and you…even if you don’t believe in Him….

I pray that God would cgange the way you see Him, because really He desire for you to see Him the way he really is………and trsut me, you would not need proof!!

May God bless you and keep you,may His countanance shine over you, and may His Spirit guide you in all your ways…….

Much love,
Child of the Most High God….

thegodless - February 6, 2013

While I appreciate the tone and empathy expressed in your post, I’m disturbed by the fact that even though you recognize some of the issues with the god of the Bible, like the genocides, child killing, immorality, etc., you still maintain a loyalty and reverence for this horrible deity. It’s very much like going along with Hitler even though you knew all along the crazy shit he would do.

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