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Erasing the word of God. September 12, 2009

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What you see below is an exchange that I initiated due to what I view as a violation of the seperation of church and state. As a government employee, I get to see on a day by day basis the various unconstitutional intrusions that religion has made to our representative democracy. Recently, I made a personal pact that I will no longer sit by as the religious shove their way into making all of us have to live by their beliefs. This leads me to the point of when I discovered an Oklahoma State governmental form that required the signee to agree to the phrase “so help me God.” With my newfound pact, I immediately went into battle mode and contacted the OKDHS Programs Administrator. The results of this exchange are below.

Me: Regarding the ADM-6 form that I have attached, I am having difficulty with the requirement of people wishing to receive payment for their travel claims to sign their name to the statement “so help me God”. It seems, at the very least, that there should be an option to affirm to the truth of the form. As it stands, if any nonbelievers wish to be paid for claims, they will be forced into signing a lie. Of course, an affirmation option may not be feasible either, since that will force people to be identified as nonbelievers in order to receive payment. What I am getting at is that I am offended about having to force people to either make a statement that they do not believe or making them sign something that is untrue. Thank you for your time.

OKDHS: We referred your comments to staff who work with OKDHS forms. They have been talking with the Finance Division and there are plans to revise this language and remove “so help me God.” Revisions take a minimum of 30 to 60 days.

This is a far better result than what I get from my usual method of scratching out the words “In God We Trust” and replacing it with “It’s OK to not believe.” I wonder what would happen if all of the Atheists got together with one voice? I dream of the day that we get the lie removed from our U.S. currency. Think about the fact that every time an Atheist or anyone that doesn’t believe in the U.S. God, spends U.S. money, the government is forcing them to lie. I am pretty sure that this is not one of the responsibilties of the United States government.



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