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The impotence of Christian faith. September 16, 2009

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A fourty five year old mother of three decides one day that she needs a bigger home, so that she may have enough room in order to procreate and bless the world with another home schooled Christian soldier. The problem, is that her husband has become impotent as of late. Thus begins her ordeal of trying to convince God, by prayer, that she really needs for her husband to get it up. One night, after she puts all of the children to bed and removes her triple layer Tammy Faye brand make up, she begins to pray vigorously that the Lord up above will grant speedy arousal to her husband, which of course fails. After weeks and weeks of praying, she begins to feel defeated, and starts to guiltily look online for a doctor who specializes in sexual disorders. Within days, by the help of a mere human, her and hubby once again begin getting it on, like they were actually attracted to one another or something. Although she was taught better by the fundamentalist church, she even began to enjoying the sex. While this particular situation is ripe with all kinds of openings for sharp and humorous critiques for the abusrdities and failures of prayer, there comes a point where prayer reveals it’s self as deadly in nature. A recent example of prayer’s deadliness is the case of Sarah Neumann. For those of you unfamilar with Sarah Neumann, her parents were under the assumption that God actually answers prayers and that he had commanded them to stay away from medical professionals. In the end, Sarah Neumann was simply allowed to die because of her parent’s belief in God’s power.  

You can read more about Sarah Neumann here: www.abcnews.go.com/US/wireStory?id=8171611

This tragic example leads me to the point of the title, which is that the parents of Sarah Neumann were simply doing what every good Christian should be doing. The Neumann’s were following the commands of their God. They put their faith in God to the point of sacrificing their child. Luckily, most Christians are not foolish enough to actually trust their faith in God to this point. I mean, sure they may ask God for a winning Lotto ticket or a good hair day, but never to treat their child’s deadly medical condition. What it all boils down to is that, if a Christian really wishes to tell the world that they believe in an all powerful God, shouldn’t they be putting the same kind of faith in him that the Neumanns did? Shouldn’t all Christians seek God’s faith healing rather than having a professional look at it? Why is it that so many Christians fail at putting this much faith in God? Is it because deep down inside they know better? Is it because deep down inside they know that prayer is ineffective and that God is probably not real? Can we tell the real Christains from the fake by the size of their life insurance? Why do Christians even have health insurance? If Christians voluntarily gave up their HMOs and donated them to the uninsured heathens, wouldn’t that help solve the health care crisis?



1. Steven Knapp - September 17, 2009

I completely agree that any Christian that doesn’t follow everything in their book can’t be a real Christian. The Westboro Baptist guys are pretty much the only real church-goers that believe everything. Everyone else just cherry-picks verses and ideas from their Bible.

It is very sad to see people like Sarah’s parents not seeking medical treatment for their child. I suppose the Christians that do will end up thanking God or saying God allowed mankind to invent medicine, so it’s still through His doing. But those that strictly follow faith healing are scary because those extremists are of the same league as the ones that shoot practicing abortionists and pray for President Obama’s death.

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