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Will religion kill Obama? September 18, 2009

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In a climate filled with the perceptive fears of a black planet, end of world scenarios, communistic infiltrations, Orwellian governmental controls, and delusional right wing militia members, it would not be shocking if a Glen Beck, Fox news fueled nut job decided, against everything America’s political process and freedom of speech stand for, to attempt an assasination of President Obama. Did I mention that militia membership has been on a steady rise since the days of the Bush administration? Did I mention that Bush did nothing to crack down on the growing threat from these heavily weaponized and well trained groups, many of which are powder kegs waiting for the right time to initiate a race war? Of course, why would Bush want to discourage these people? They were a large part of his base after all. Viewing all of this from a Biblical context only makes the situation seem that much more plausible and dire. The Bible is well known for the stances that it takes regarding slavery, race, homosexuality, violence, and education. Many people are apparently angry with what they percieve as an Obama intrusion into their values and daily lifes. While an unindoctrinated person may vocally disagree with the policies and opinions of the Obama adminstration, a person that has been drilled since birth with the ideas that the Bible is the inerrant word of God and that any transgression against it must be defended with any costs, may start to feel that it is their personal mission from God to do what ever it takes to stop Obama. All we need to do to see this kind of situation taking place is to look to the Middle East. It is ironic that many Christians are quick to point out the violent doctrine of the Muslim faith, while conveniently ignoring their own. In America, when someone does evil things, such as drowning their children or beating their wife to death, because of their belief in God, people are quick to accept that it is because the person was obviously crazy, as if it had nothing to do with their delusional belief that God was talking to them. When will Americans come to their senses and realize that faith in God is often a contributing factor in the evil that people do? Will it be at the expense of our first African America President? If so, it would certainly be a tragic lesson to learn.

Do you disagree that many of the religious wish Obama harm? Do you disagree that many of the religious are attempting to use their belief in God to do Obama harm? What do you make of Reverend Steven Anderson’s prayer for Obama’s death? Do you truly think that he is an isolated incident and that religion is not a contributing factor to his death wish?

Read about the Baptist death wish here:



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