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A Shattered America October 28, 2009

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As atheism marches forward with great leaps of social progress, it is not hard to imagine a future where the people of America begin to cherish critical thinking and intellectual honesty. The reality that most atheists are pushing for is one in which people no longer base their lives around illogical concepts, thus eliminating irrational behaviors in otherwise normal people. This shifting zeitgeist should hopefully eradicate wars based upon gods, hate guided by ancient texts, and meloncholy lives spent dreaming of eternity. Freed from the shackles of irrationality, we may finally move out of the imprisonment of servitude towards a voluntary servitude for our fellow man. While this scenario is a likely outcome, what happens if it all goes wrong? Can America survive such a shift, if the diehard religionists refuse and resist the changing landscape? Is it possible that, as religion begins the decent into obscurity, we will see a rise of violent fanaticism? Data from Pew polls suggest a widening gap between the growth of the atheist movement and the growth of traditional values. It appears that the center of American world views is shriveling up, while the opposing sides are moving to the far corners of the playing field. The last such instance of Americans becoming so radically split resulted in our one and only civil war. Is this something that could happen again? Many political extremists, after the recent election of Barack Obama, have called for a stockpiling of weapons. Do they know something that us godless liberals don’t? In the end, it seems that we can only hope that reason wins out and that people on all sides of the debate begin to wake up to the damaging nature of religious belief.


Bigotry Amongst Friends October 8, 2009

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What is it that makes a normally rational adult cling to their childhood superstitions? How can someone seriously believe in the boogie christ after acquiring critical thinking skills and a Master’s level education? I know that apologists have come up with all kinds of half truths and gaps in science to make it possible for the educated to not feel totally guilty, but we are talking seriously here. We are talking about taking an honest account of your level of intellect and examining the amount of silly irrational things you believe.

Did you know that the highest rate of religion in the U.S. lies in the state of Lousiana, which also breast feeds the less and has the lowest level of education? This is not just isolated to one state, as every state with high religion also rates low on education. As a social worker, don’t even get me started on the level of child abuse that occurs in the religious states of America.

What is your excuse?

Now for a true story break, although the names have been changed to protect stupidity. I, as a caring social worker, recently attended a staffing for a child’s abuse counseling. During this meeting, the lead counselor, who is required to have a Master’s degree or better in Psychology, while examining the child’s family history, concluded that a lack of any religion was one of the contributing factors to the child’s history of family abuse and neglect. Here I was thinking that it could have been from the family’s lack of education and their severe mental health problems, but of course I am not in anyway qualified to make that assessment, as I am not a counselor with decades of experience. Why is it that religion, which is notorious for making parents feel like they own their children and that they can beat them at will, is given a stamp of approval by a highly educated and normally rational counselor? Is it that somebody has found comfort in maintaining their childhood status quo?

Can we please stop pretending?

Medical insurance for none! October 3, 2009

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When was the last time that America had affordable healthcare? Could it have been before the invention of medical insurance? Could it have been before the government began handing out free medical insurance to children and the disabled?

Why is it that there is no talk of abolishing the medical insurance system and replacing it with price controls? As someone who already has had medical insurance for about 50% of their adult life, I am here to say that it is totally overrated. Here I am with a full time job and medical insurance that is contracted and partially paid by a State Government, and yet I have had to pay over $350 for my son to have teeth extracted. Is it not part of the purpose of medical insurance to make our prescriptions and medical bills affordable? With my current medical insurance, which is allegedly near the top of the line, paying several hundreds of dollars is a common occurence. Don’t even get me to prescriptions. How is it that you can have insurance and still pay so damn much of your income for medicine, doctor’s visits, and medical procedures? Our best bet, as the biggest problem we have is the poor not being able to pay, is setting the costs low enough to where they can, which would bring in their share and lower the costs for us all. I know it sounds like I am asking that the poor pay in order to lower the costs for those that aren’t poor, but, as we have all witnessed with our current medical insurance and healthcare, the poor are already having to pay higher and higher bills and co-pays. Why not drop the co-pays and make things the cost that the market can support, which will always be lower than a synthetically inflated market based upon how much Big Pharma can milk out of the insurance companies?

Medical insurance for none! Healthcare for all!