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A Shattered America October 28, 2009

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As atheism marches forward with great leaps of social progress, it is not hard to imagine a future where the people of America begin to cherish critical thinking and intellectual honesty. The reality that most atheists are pushing for is one in which people no longer base their lives around illogical concepts, thus eliminating irrational behaviors in otherwise normal people. This shifting zeitgeist should hopefully eradicate wars based upon gods, hate guided by ancient texts, and meloncholy lives spent dreaming of eternity. Freed from the shackles of irrationality, we may finally move out of the imprisonment of servitude towards a voluntary servitude for our fellow man. While this scenario is a likely outcome, what happens if it all goes wrong? Can America survive such a shift, if the diehard religionists refuse and resist the changing landscape? Is it possible that, as religion begins the decent into obscurity, we will see a rise of violent fanaticism? Data from Pew polls suggest a widening gap between the growth of the atheist movement and the growth of traditional values. It appears that the center of American world views is shriveling up, while the opposing sides are moving to the far corners of the playing field. The last such instance of Americans becoming so radically split resulted in our one and only civil war. Is this something that could happen again? Many political extremists, after the recent election of Barack Obama, have called for a stockpiling of weapons. Do they know something that us godless liberals don’t? In the end, it seems that we can only hope that reason wins out and that people on all sides of the debate begin to wake up to the damaging nature of religious belief.



1. Ben Hoffman - October 28, 2009

I wish that were true, but there’s too much evidence to the contrary. Recently, a New Jersey poll showed that 60% of the people there believed Obama might be the anti-Christ.

Don’t forget… 1/2 the population has an I.Q. of under 100. 😦

2. giveitasecondlook - October 28, 2009

I wish we lived in a country where rational thought reigned supreme…I am cynical about its emergence though. Good post.


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