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The Top Ten Reasons Atheism Rocks November 29, 2009

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This was such a good top ten list that I just had to promote it with a link. While I am at it, I would like to add number an additional number. 11. Atheists have more time on their hands to enjoy life and to do real good for the world. Remember that one set of hands put to use working can do more good that a million clasped in prayer. Now make with the clicky below.



The Atheist’s Holiday November 28, 2009

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Over the last decade or so, in America, the Atheist movement has had win after win when it comes to banning religious displays in governmental buildings. Many religionists see this as an attack on their personal pick of religion (mostly Christian) and see this as the moral decay of our representative government. My guess is that these same complainers would be against a fairness rule, where each and every religion is allowed to put up displays in governmental buildings across America. I myself would have these same problems with displays by the FLDS, Satanists, Westboro group, and other perverse and hate filled groups, so why not just make it fair for all and allow none. The answer as to why this is not good enough is that many Christians are under the misguided perception that this is a Christian nation and that they should have preferrential treatment, which is not only wrong, but very egotistical. I won’t even go into the pagan origins of most of the Christian holidays, as this is a well documented fact. While I am avoiding the issue of the pagan origins of holidays, I do want to point out that nonbelievers are only doing what the Christians have done in the past, which is taking an existing holiday and molding it with a modern take. The difference is that modern holidays will now be for each and every person, rather than a select group of sky daddy worshipers. Luckily for us Atheist’s, as seen below in the link, the U.S. Government and the courts tend to agree that the Christians are wrong.

Now, if we could only get Christmas renamed as Christmyth, our war would be complete. 🙂