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The Top Ten Reasons Atheism Rocks November 29, 2009

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This was such a good top ten list that I just had to promote it with a link. While I am at it, I would like to add number an additional number. 11. Atheists have more time on their hands to enjoy life and to do real good for the world. Remember that one set of hands put to use working can do more good that a million clasped in prayer. Now make with the clicky below.




1. Hose - November 29, 2009

The universe is quite mind blowing and so is the question “why are we here?” godless dude, what are your thoughts on the show?

thegodless - November 30, 2009

Why are we here? Of course, I do not know! And the great thing is that I don’t mind that one bit. I am too busy marveling at the wonderous nature of all that is. The one thing I do know is that nobody else knows either. I guess some of us are just not okay with that, which often leads to all kinds of crazy ideas, which sometimes leads us to do some pretty bad things. I say “who knows and who cares”, just enjoy the brief time floating around the ordinary common sun.

2. HIS DAUGHTER - October 2, 2010

Dear Friend,

We are here to learn how to love and to glorify Our Creator. This way when we get to go to heaven God has some loving beings to party with!
Since you enjoy nature and I’m sure you have studied how the circle of life works… don’t you think that there had to be a master designer? For the record I can’t speak as to others views but I would worship Jesus if he was purple, black, white or spotted. You will know a true Jesus servant because color does not exist. There is no such seperation of color in Gods eyes.


3. Robert - March 27, 2011


we are here because we are here, no other reason. Who created this creator of yours? If it was always there why couldn’t the universe have always been there? What evidence is there to support the existence of this creator? As for Jesus, he was most likely just a folk tale that has grown out of proportion, there is no evidence for his existence either, just an ancient book of fairy-tails that contradict each other.

Anthony - March 29, 2011

Not going to push anyone in any direction but there is more proof that Jesus existed than Aristotle,Homer,and the list goes on.

He was real no matter what you believe.

thegodless - March 29, 2011

Minus the Bible, which is known to have been written well after Jesus’ lifetime, there are no known verifiable references to him. The only known historian that may have mentioned him was Josephus, but as I said, even that is in question. No matter if you want it to be true, it’s likely that it’s not. Don’t just listen to what you have been told, look into it yourself. You can read more about Josephus here. And you can read the real story of Jesus here.

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