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Top 3 absurd Christian beliefs. December 30, 2009

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In no particular order, here are my top 3 things that I just can’t believe people actually believe about Christianity.
1. The Bible is written through God by man. Do we really think that God is concerned about how long our hair is and how much money we acquire? Do we really believe that God gave us the rules on how to beat slaves? These are obviously the concerns of bronze age men.
2. God magically impregnated a woman, who was married and a virgin. I just can’t even fathom how to justify this lunacy. Taking it serious, I must ask was Mary’s hubby in the same bed while God was performing his spermoriffic task, was there any foreplay or was it a dry hump, or how did she remain a virgin whilest having a husband?
3. That the Bible is an actual account of things that happened. We know, through historians and people that actually look at ancient texts, that most of the Bible was written decades and centuries after the fact. Many of the stories tell of fantastical happenings that are oddly mentioned no where else in all of written history. The biggest hint is that a very large portion of the Bible matches up even older supernatural ponderings. All Christians should be made to study the ancient gods like Mithra, Dionysus, etc.

So, what’s your favorite Christian absurdities? I would love to know.


Look what we have done. December 6, 2009

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In a world where the moral +1 religions rule, why is it that everwhere you look we are surrounded by -1 people? I have, in no uncertain terms, never met anyone that was morally superior with the addition of religion. I can’t claim that those with religion have been morally deficent either, but I can say, with personal observation, that religion gives many excuses for a normally moral person to act immorally. As someone who gets to see the darkside of humanity on a daily basis (I work with children of abuse and their abusers), I can state that I have yet to meet an Atheist child abuser. My point, I guess, is what have we done with our belief in a higher power? Look around and what do you see? Religion has ruled the landscape for thousnds of years and it has left the world in dire straights. Religion has had thousands of years to prove it’s worth and has failed at every level. If religion was so life altering we should have seen reductions in immoral behaviors in the nations that accepted it, but all we see is war, greed, corruption, etc. across the board. Religion is simply not worth the paper it was written on. If humanity has a need for transformative experiences maybe we should embrace critical thinking.