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Intruder Alert! Intruder Alert! January 9, 2010

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In recent weeks I have had several glaring instances where religionists impeded my godless existence and caused harm to both my sanity and my child’s intellectual upbringing. Example #1: My child’s publicly funded school decided, without asking anyone, to pose my child in mock prayer while dressing him in angelic garb. It wasn’t even Halloween! Example 2: While the angel stunt can be partially excused, forcing a child, whose parents happen to be atheists, to pray in a public child care facility before every meal is completely fucked. Example 3: Family members that know our strong non-religious stance continuing to infiltrate our child’s brain with absurd religious concepts. It appears, that to be an atheist also entails going to war with the outside world to just raise your own child. They say there are no atheists in foxholes, but I am here to say that atheists proudly live in foxholes.



1. HIS DAUGHTER - October 1, 2010

Dear Sir,

Not that you have to answer any of these questions but you seem to be of a higher IQ and I would like to pick your brain for a minute.
Can you tell me why you have such harsh feelings towards God when you have never even meet him?
I completely understand not enjoying religious dogma. How would you feel if a bunch of freaks went around town telling people all kinds of bull about you?So now millions of people hate you and you have done nothing wrong….
Have you ever thought that just maybe there is a God? What is the harm in exploring a relationship with your creator? Mr. please don’t let foolish people who don’t know God either keep you from knowing your creator. Thanks for communicating.
Warm Regards,
His most humble servant

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