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Is religion bad for your brain? February 15, 2010

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From my perspective, which includes dealing with religionists on a daily basis, it seems that there is a strong correlation between having religious beliefs and having many other absurd ideas. It seems that the same people that have strong convictions regarding religion also tend to believe in an inordinate amount of other absurdities. The following are actual admitted beliefs held by the religious people that I know: Obama is a Muslim, Obama was born in Kenya, 9/11 was plotted and executed by the US government, aliens are watching us, aliens do regular testing on us, aliens originally placed us on earth, global warming is not really happening, women are inferior, African Americans are inferior, gays should be jailed, etc. I could go on for days here, but my point is that with many religious people it is not just their absurd supernatural beliefs that are alarming, it is also their tendency to believe that there is some hidden reality that only they are privileged to see. When you are taught from birth to believe in unlikely things, could it retard logical thinking and make truth impossible to distinguish? Children born into religion are taught that it is a good thing to believe without proof or fact checking. Does learning to ignore massive logical holes at such an early age lead us to a world of conspiracy theorists? Are we just a generation away from witch hunts and a resurgence of paranoia?


Cusp of freedom. February 2, 2010

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The reasons are many for atheists to remain hidden. For many religious fence sitters it is the way of the family that prevents them from taking the atheist plunge. It is a fact that, for many formely known as religionist atheists, the transformation comes with a sharp price. That price can extend all the way to their life. At this point in humanity, can we at least agree to not kill people for having no supernatural beliefs? For the majority of ex-religionists though, the price is at least less fatal. It’s a certainty that the newly gained nontheism comes with broken relationships, job loss, community banishment, or worse and all of the above. This oppressive climate leaves many poor unbelievers in a mental closet, knowingly living a lie. Many atheists go as far, to avoid being outcast, as continuing to attend church services among other religious activities and rituals. These, the religious fence sitters, who know better, but dare not speak, are tasked with making a daunting choice between tranquility and truth. They must one day realize that the tranquility they seek is only such because of their deception. They must soon realize that the world needs their voice, that humanity needs their voice. They must fear not the results of truth and instead fear the resiults of irrationality. It won’t be easy and there is no way around it, so they must quit sitting on the cusp of freedom and pull up their boot straps, grab some deodorant, and get to living in glorious unbelief, for if they don’t, we may all ultimately pay the price.

With violent religious fanaticism marching us to our deaths, is it time to put a little more on the line? Do we really have a choice? The doctrine of many religions say a resounding no.