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Christianity is not pop. June 11, 2010

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If imitation is flattery, Christians really like to flatter. Just like any big corporation, Jesus Inc. is not above stealing the ideas of others. Most artistic human beings understand that art is not to be compromised for anyone or anything. God seems to be a distraction to the process of art, which results in knock off like quality. Throwing artistic integrity out the door, Jesus Inc., focused primarly on spreading propaganda, forgets that there is such a thing as good art and bad art. Jesus Inc. often allows bad art to prosper, as long, of course that it contains a certain quality to convert. Something that stabs me to no end is the fact that Christianity has infiltrated, maimed, abused popular music as a tool, thus degrading the emphasis on the talent and personal message of the artist. It’s akin to McDonalds buying up all of the Independent resturants and adding an insult by changing their entire menu to include only McDoubles. McDoubles are good every now and then, but do you really want them crammed down your throat at your favorite little resturant? Another aspect that needs addressing is the fact that Christians believe that their God makes everything great. Shouldn’t Christian music (the real kind that’s all about God, not the Kanye kind) be burning up the charts? Why do most Christian products look like knock-offs that are slight alterations to the real thing, like a Black Eyed Peas song that takes out the word booty and changes it to Jesus is the greatest, but leaves the timing of the song the same, thus making it sound like the singer is lagging behind the music. Christianity is the king of taking a legit product, stripping it of any secularism, and repackaging it with conversion of the masses in mind. It’s like Weird Al Yankovich trying to make people believe he is serious about the Jackson parody “I’m Fat”. With God by their side, shouldn’t Christian pop culture lay waste to it’s secular enemies? Why must people that have the benefit of an all powerful god rely upon the hard work of others to achieve their goals? Why can’t Christians stick to their own inventions like Gospel music? Is this all because their content is finally being seen for what it is and no amount of superficial co-opting is going to stop this? The greatest lesson learned through Christianity is how to maintain relevancy, regardless of truth and at the expense of artistic value. Art should be for art’s sake and art’s sake alone, unless of course your an advertising agency, which come to think of it is exactly what Jesus Inc. Really is. Just remember that it was only about 40 years ago when Christians were calling Rock and Roll the Devil’s music. Now days they sell their soul to the devil just to get you to listen to what they have to say.



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