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Build it and they will come. October 5, 2010

Posted by thegodless in Uncategorized.

After months of inactivity and countless hours of flinging Angry Birds, I’m back with tons of new trouble. I am feeling like a fully fueled Pinto ready to explode with the slightest touch. I recently attended my first atheist meet up and it really gave me a chance to gain a new perspective on what could and should be. We nonbelievers no longer need to remain in the shadows. It is far past time we take a stand for clarity and reason. It is far past time for us to unite under the banners of critical thought, compassion, and freedom. Alone, we are often drowned out by the sounds of madness. By sitting idle, we fail to do our part in protecting humanity from charlatans and hucksters. For thousands of years, humanity has been paralyzed with unreason. For thousands of years, rational thinkers have been murdered, silenced, and stigmatized. This can go on no more. This time we fight back. Together, we can help urge on this stand for truth and freedom. The clarion call has sounded. I know it won’t be easy and I know many will suffer, but we will accomplish nothing without trying?



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