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Child abuse, religion, and freewill to avoid both. October 8, 2010

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From the perspective of a former fundamental Christian, child indoctrination tends to leave a very bad taste in my mouth. Having been told time and time again as a young child that there was a strong possibility that I would wind up burning in a fiery pit forever (because god decided I could), having been brainwashed in to thinking that naturally occurring curiosity was a horrific sin (because god doesn’t allow questioning), having been threatened with excommunication from my community and family if I ever “decided” that I was gay (because god hates “fags”), having had genital mutilation performed on me at birth without concerns for my rights or wishes as a human being (because god commanded someone to cut part of their penis off), having been a witness to the ills that accompanies the subjugation of womankind (because god made women to meet man’s needs), and having been gifted with the anxiety that comes with believing in a terroristic and vengeful god (because the lies of indoctrination are extremely hard to break free of when you’ve been indoctrinate from a very young age), so yeah, you could say I see religion as child abuse. After the first hints of doubt started creeping in, I grew very anxious about what these doubts would lead too. I didn’t want to lose my family or burn in hell. As I began my transition to freethinking and as the floodgates of logic opened wide, I often experienced severe bouts of anxiety, often to the point of throwing up on the way to church. I have of course long since overcome these bouts and have actually gained a stronger and more stable mental outlook. I no longer needlessly worry over an eternal damnation. My own offspring won’t have to have their future sex lives damaged by the scarring of unnecessary mutilation and they will not have to have any complexes related to early childhood trauma. My offspring will not start their life thinking their broken, nor will they live with a god sized bullet targeting them. My offspring will be free to explore all possible worldviews, eliminating entirely the generational cycle of brainwashing. My offspring will be taught from birth that questioning everything is not a bad thing and critical thinking is actually a good thing.

To the religionist parents, please consider following your own god’s example. Allow your children the freewill your god claims to have given them. Children are not objects that you own. Let your children have their rights to their future adult bodies back. Let your children examine the world as it is, rather than how you wish it would be. If what you believe in is right, your children will follow your footsteps in mutilating themselves and finding their own way towards your god. When you force feed your children your belief system are they really getting a chance to genuinely believe in what you do? Aren’t they really just doing what they are told? How could their beliefs stand up when they come from an external force? Humanity respects decisions more from people that have researched and experienced what they are talking about. Are you not robbing them of their opportunity to be a person with a solid and indepedently achieved conviction? What would it hurt to allow your child to decide about circumcision when they become an adult? If your belief is so strong, what would it hurt to allow a child to reach their own conclusions? Besides, if your child starts to see religion for what it is at some point, you could always do what you try to do to atheists, plead to your all powerful god to forcefully change their mind against their will.



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