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From stigmatization to acceptance. October 12, 2010

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Once upon a time it was an accepted social norm to discriminate against African Americans through various means. Once upon a time it too was a social norm to look at women as inferior byproducts of man’s needs and desires. Now, with the backing of the wonderful ideals of religion, it has become the age of persecution for Homosexuals. The further we look back in time, the more we see that humanity has found all kinds of absurd reasons to hate one group of people or another. This hate seems to have always been aimed at the stigmatized outliers of humanity, the visionaries, the lovers, those seen as too different, and those so beaten down that they dare not speak up. As history has shown, humanity’s outliers, though they go through great suffering, eventually find that they have become a normal part of the social construct. Soon after this occurs, humanity finally takes a critical eye to the past. Humanity will always have those few nostalgic mourners crying for a return to the “good” times, however it can be seen today how normal society views these mourners. We have been justifiably quick in pushing these mourners to the fringes of society. When’s the last time you witnessed anyone in public spewing the virtues of women being relegated to the kitchen? When’s the last time someone stepped up on national television to speak of the inferiority of African Americans? Thankfully, this is a very rare occurrence in modern times. While homosexual acceptance still has a way to go, it at least seems to be on the slow path to accomplishing this. This, of course, gets me to my point, which is that, though atheists, freethinkers, agnostics, humanists, and secularists, are one of the most stigmatized groups, it’s only a matter of time before history repeats itself and we are seen as a social norm. This can already be seen in motion in the more liberal countries of Western civilization. This can also be seen by more and more atheists being accepted into society as a valuable component. Of all the stigmatized groups, atheists may have the biggest hurdles to jump, but we also have the most benefits to offer a society dying from the effects of superstition and religion. We should take great comfort in the fact that, what once was seen as socially unacceptable (women’s liberation, African American civil rights), is now not only the norm, but also vigorously defended by a vast percentage of the population. We can also take great pride in knowing our cause is just and true. What we propose to the world, though they may fear it now, will be one the greatest and most valuable adventures humanity has ever embarked on. We offer a way to help end human division, human enslavement, and the possibility of mutually assured destruction. People that continue to fight the march towards the purest form of human freedom ever proposed, despite evidence to the contrary, will be viewed in the same light as the people that opposed the freeing of the slaves, the people calling for the death of a woman for revealing her face, and the people that fought against women being able to vote. Though it may be the greatest challenge humanity has ever faced, we have always managed to come kicking and screaming to our senses. It may take a long time, but humanity has always managed to realize a good idea shortly after it’s had it’s little crisis of reality.



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