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Be dumb for freedom. November 28, 2010

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A little over a decade ago, I could be seen laboring away in clouds of toxic dust that were steadily being emitted by my factory employer. To this day, I see this time of blue collar labor as a vital component to my pragmatic rationalist world view. Working in a factory has always been known as a gritty, painful, and nearly mindless experience, and my time as a factory worker would provide me with no evidence to the contrary. In factory life, I noticed that one must often put forth an active effort to continue brain activity, as the daily schedule of crushing monotony and repetitive physical routines could really warp personal perspectives. For a decade of factory servitude, I feel that I gained a treasure of blue collar knowledge. When it comes to physical work ethic, the blue collar model just can’t be beat: Work hard until the job is done and no whining. To survive in a blue collar life, it fully appeared that one must embrace and enjoy the simple things in life, the things that had been passed down to them. This strategy leaves much more time for the hunter/killer and totally avoids any needless ruminations or questions. Blue collar traditions and values are such that they are handed down to automatically render any kind of alternative considerations invalid. While this is a way to ensure mental and family harmony, it sure is lacking in the truth seeking department. There is a reason that blue collar men are not known for their introspection. Why make any serious considerations, if they might actually provoke emotion. Regardless of likely benefits, complications to pre-rendered blue collar beliefs are seen as immediate stop sign. This blue collar stop sign is partially made up of pride in family beliefs and a wall to prevent any appearances for weakness. This wall is also shoved onto blue collar associates the very minute someone starts to break script and it’s either going to end in a beating, berating, or blue collar banishment. With these blue collar social rules, how can it ever be possible to introduce any kind of progressive thinking? Can we possibly hope to break through to a purposefully simple minded group of people? With ever more complexity in science, reason, and humanism, can it even be made palatable to the blue collar crowd? Is public enlightenment really the answer? We can only convince those that are willing to consider our arguments. We can only convince those that have the capacity for reason. We can’t possibly win the war of world views with the common man when religion has put the people in a solid state of mental enslavement. Religion has never been required to be right, yet we are. For the common man, religion doesn’t need to be right to survive, as long as it gives out the illusion of peace. In the infamous words of Kirk Cameron, maybe we should be working to “circumnavigate the intellect” of the common man, for no matter a theory’s legitimacy or an argument’s validity, if they’re not palatable to the common man, they may as well be spare tires with gaping holes. I have heard it said that the “New Atheists” need to step it up, to increase our general knowledge about theology and apologetics, but I think it worthy to consider a way to step it down. Atheism may be much better served by a simplification of our arguments, rather than a strengthening of our theological knowledge. We must find something within rationalism that can persuade the common man, something that makes them see as we see. Arguing back and forth with various Biblical scholars appears to do very little in the way of popularizing our position. The current complexities of our world view may be such that we are only going to continue hitting the blue collar stop sign. Maybe I’m overstating the problem, but we can’t even communicate some of the most basic scientific stuff to people, yet here we are trying to get them to understand why everything they believe is mostly false.



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