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My response to Terry Mirll’s letter to the Daily Oklahoman editor. December 16, 2010

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Below is a letter to the Daily Oklahoman editor by a Terry Mirll. Below that is my submitted response to Terry Mirll’s letter. I will provide a link below both letters for any interested in joining the fray.

Atheism is a belief based on religious faith

Published: December 15, 2010
Atheists in New Jersey, displaying that special clairvoyance reserved only for themselves, have erected a billboard telling America that not only is the Nativity a myth, but that the rest of us know that it’s a myth. Further, they assure us, reason is on their side but not ours. But when atheists make these sorts of claims, they’re either lying to us or lying to themselves. I suspect the latter.

Philosophically, atheism is founded on a contradiction. Ask the atheist why he doesn’t believe in God and the standard reply comes in the form of an objection to evil or suffering, such as: “If God exists, then why did He allow the Holocaust?” or “God doesn’t exist because when I was 12 my Mom died of cancer.” In other words, God doesn’t exist because He could do a better job at being God. Got that? He isn’t because He is … (stupid, or uncaring or incompetent). This is clearly a contradiction, which just as clearly refutes the assertion that atheism is based on reason.
Rather, it’s as faith-based a claim as that of any religion. That is, any other religion, because atheism is itself a religion. I should know. Not so long ago, I was calling myself an atheist. However, unlike my brethren in New Jersey, I wised up. May they, too, follow the star that shone so brightly over Bethlehem and understand the truth that it reveals.

Terry Mirll, Midwest City

My response:

In response to Terry Mirll’s letter to the editor claiming that atheism is somehow based on religious faith, I have to say that it is clear that the author is seriously misrepresenting what atheism actually is. In clear and concise terms, atheism is simply a rejection of the claim that there is a god, nothing more and nothing less. Apparently, Terry Mirll is not well versed in rational thought, as he has done nothing but build up a straw man to argue against, by making false claims against atheism. For the record, the majority of atheists actually come to atheism by way of realizing that there is a complete lack of evidence for any gods. In fact, I would dare say that even Terry Mirll has used this technique at some point, unless of course he has not ruled out believing in Zeus, Muhammed, Ra, and the thousands of other mythical entities. All religionists are atheists when it comes to other people’s gods, atheists just take the next logical step. When it comes to liars, I have to argue that it is much more likely for a person to be lying when they are claiming to have answers without any verifiable proof than it is for a person that is only seeking the proof. With regards to Terry Mirll’s claim of being a former atheist, I say that a real atheist would actually care if what they believed in is true, your ignorance of atheism shows you could care less.

Thomas Mackiewicz

Terry Mirll’s letter to the editor page (I can’t get the link to show up through the WordPress app):




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