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God loves us so. December 22, 2010

Posted by thegodless in Uncategorized.

An honest inquiry into the world around us clearly displays that our various gods do not in fact care about us at all. I’m amazed at the complete suspension of reality it takes for someone to think that one of the various gods actually works for their benefit by answering their desires and needs. This kind of belief gets even more absurd when someone believes that one of the various gods actually helped them win a football game. We need to wake the hell up and smell the decay. We need to occasionally step outside of our insulated lives, for without doing so, we ensure that our views and beliefs are highly susceptible to personal objectification. If a person examines the entirety of the human condition and still concludes that there is a caring god meddling in our affairs, we should probably be redefining the very definition of the word caring. Maybe caring should be redefined as allowing thousands of people to die everyday from a lack of clean water or food. Maybe caring should be redefined as the act of performing miracles for a select few, while not performing miracles for entire populations that are in dire need. Maybe caring should be redefined as allowing terrible human suffering or better yet, why not just say that there are really no gods intervening in any of our lives. Of course, then many of us would have to do some drastic redefining of who they really are and what they actually believe. I tend to fear that, between the two possibilities, changing the definition of caring is the more likely outcome. Why is it that, in the face of evidence, most atheists would be willing to change their opinions on the existence of god, while those that believe continue to do what they can to evade the damning lack of evidence in front of them?



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