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Pope: The End December 24, 2010

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Why is it that all we hear any more from religious leaders are excuses for why they continue to behave so badly? A recent example of this is the Pope’s rationalization of child molestation. For those of you that may have missed it, his holiness implied that the reason for the molestation scandals had to do with child molestation not being seen as something that bad a few decades ago. This is known as the times were different argument, which is of course irrelevant in judging what is right and wrong in the present. I wonder if even the most devout Catholic will be able to buy into the Pope’s blatant attempt to excuse the actions of God’s army of pedophilliac priests. Even if someone has only a rudimentary understanding of healthy relationships, they can see that the relationships between the followers and leaders is becoming increasingly dysfunctional. When leaders start issuing excuses to get their followers to look the other way, it’s likely a good time to find a new leader. To follow the Pope’s line of logic, a white supremist could claim that they continue to discriminate against African Americans because racism and segregation were once the standard practices. Any sane individual, meaning those that are not blinded by religious indoctrination, can see that what the Pope is trying to do is really pretty fucking disturbing. The Pope is in no way special for having tried this tactic, as nearly all religionists try this at one time or another. With the Mormons, its always been to excuse their degrading doctrine towards people with black (brown) skin. With Muslims, it’s always been about Muhammed marrying and molesting very young children. With Scientologists, it’s always been about the fact that their religion sprang from an obvious work of science fiction. Between all of the gay bashing homosexual Meth addict preachers, the family values preaching cheaters, the completely honest tax evading creationist proponents, and all of the other men and women of faith that pretend to have superior morals while doing things that no humanist would ever consider doing, it is truly a MIRACLE that more followers haven’t asked themselves just what is going on here. If anything can be learned from all of the excuses as of late, it’s that religious leaders are desperately trying to maintain their stranglehold on humanity. To hear the Pope, on an almost weekly basis, throwing out absurd justifications for the horrific acts his organization has done to humanity, is like hearing the last breaths of someone the world could live without.



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