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The Great Pretenders December 25, 2010

Posted by thegodless in Uncategorized.

When was it exactly that Christians decided to begin adopting the principles of humanism? I wouldn’t dare speak for all Christians, but it seems that there has been a recent surge of Christians willing to abandon core parts of their doctrine. I am certainly not complaining about the occasional bit of social progress being made by Christians despite their religion of course. Though I will not complain, I do want to shed light on how it appears that droves of Christians are embracing liberal social values. A recent example is the repeal of DADT. If 76% of Americans consider themselves as Christians, how is it then that about the same percentage supported the repeal of DADT? To further my point, the repeal of DADT was approved by a Senate made up of nearly 100% Christians. Since when did the Bible state to not treat homosexuals as abominations? Oh wait, it didn’t. Something else surely must be going on here. Before I go any further, I would like to address that I will probably hear the rambling of the fundamentalist Christians that always like to claim that some people, such as the ones in the DADT poll and the Senators that repealed it, are not really really real Christians. For entirely different reasons, I would tend to agree. According to the Bible, the progressively stunted team of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost still staunchly support gender and racial inequalities and vehemently condemn homosexuality, divorce, wealth, sorcery, witchcraft, and tolerance for people of other religious persuasions. Because the Christian God is eternally incapable of adjusing his commandments to keep up with the social progresses of free and democratic societies and because the words in the Bible are forever unalterable, it is left up to the Christian church as a whole to finally adjust their outdated principles to keep up with superior values proposed by humanists. For the majority of Christians that have adopted the principles of humanism, I give a crouching ovation, I’m reserving my standing ovation for when these humanistic Christians see Christianity in the same light they see most of it’s doctrine in. Back to the argument Christians often use to question the authenticity of other Christians; I must ask what it is exactly that constitutes a real Christian? Is it that real Christians would never dare to waiver from Biblical doctrine? If so, then the only real modern Christians left are the Westboro Baptist types, which is ironic because the Westboro group would fit right in with Christians from a few decades ago. I’m certain that the majority of modern Christians would be likely be executed by their own forefathers for the liberal values. It seems at some point, a Christian can move so far away from Christianity that they no longer can be defined as Christian. For those Christians that disagree, I challenge you to find one thing that they are doing that isn’t grounded on Biblical doctrine. For those Christians that claim they can find Biblical justifications to support the acceptance of homosexuals, witchcraft, female preachers, etc., I challenge you to either show me or admit that you have consciously decided to ignore Biblical doctrine that you do not support. At this moment in time, with the horrors of religion exposed, I believe we are justified in asking if Christians can even still be designated as such, when they have abandoned the very principles that define them as Christian. Could it be that, the more Christianity abandons it’s self, the closer it comes to the forgotten lands of Mithra, Zoroaster, and Orpheus? Some of us can only hope so.



1. Sovereign John - December 25, 2010

Great article! Since you have raised the issue many of us anti-theist have raised isn’t it time to withdraw funding from churches that have abandoned their religion? How can a Church demand a deduction if they no longer are Biblical Christians. The Church allows women to wear pants, clearly pants are men’s clothing and the Bible says God forbids women wearing men’s clothing. You’re article has inspired me. This is worthy of a new anti-theist movement to demand Christians follow their religion or lose secular Government funding [tax exemption].

Thanks for the inspiration. I’m posting such at http://publishr.blogspot.com/2010/12/christian-churches-need-to-lose.html

2. Xtine - December 25, 2010

Duh – of course they aren’t real Christians.

The tactic I am most interested in is closely watching which churches welcome new waves of federal money for the expanded faith based initiatives/organizations – and which churches don’t. Real Christians will not accept money from the government – and therefore will be able be exempt from answering to the government. The watered down Christians will probably be more likely to take Uncle Sam’s money – and that should be the red-flag about their tax-exempt status… never mind the arguments about how Christ is all about love – fulfilled the OT law – therefore no longer requires people to live by the OT law…

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