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Our Story So Far: Part 2 January 1, 2011

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The following article is a literal interpretation of God’s creation of man. While I fully intend to add heaps of snark, all information presented will be referenced directly from the Bible.

Our story so far last concluded with God’s creation of man and everything else in the Universe. As the story goes and after the all knowing God had approved of his own work, he then decided that he needed a little nap. It was then, with God’s reawakening and further interactions with humanity, that things quickly began to go awry. The all knowing God, allegedly being all knowing and such, somehow did not forsee just how un-good his creations actually were. The all knowing God must have also known in advance how he would deal with the un-goodness of his creations. A bit later into the creation story, but still entirely relevant, God looked down upon his creations and decided that nearly all of them had become so un-good that they were beyond repair. After realizing this, which he would have already known, the loving God decided, regardless of the lives of innocent animals and unborn children, that he would wipe out his own failures by drowning nearly every one of the inhabitants of earth. The biggest problem I have with the Biblical creation story is that an all knowing and all powerful God would have not been capable of creating flawed creations and, even if he was capable of creating flawed creations, an all knowing God would have known and avoided the entire outcome to begin with. Logically, it appears that God created his creations for the sole purpose of destroying them. If Christians take the creation story as a literal account of what actually transpired, then how can they continue to justify a pro-life stance? God is obviously a pro-choice supporter or he would have never allowed himself to perform the global abortion of humanity, which ironically must have included at least a few women carrying late term fetuses. It stands to reason that God is the most prolific abortionist of all time.



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