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Christianity’s Alternate Reality January 5, 2011

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Imagine for a few seconds that you are trapped in an alternate reality where what is fake is taken as real and what is crazy is taken as sane. Done? Now imagine that this backwards alternate reality is colliding with your own and threatening to take over by rewriting your history, your science, and your very purpose. Done? Welcome to the year 2011 on planet Earth.

Since the 50’s Communist scare, beginning with the artificial inclusion of the phrases “In God We Trust” and “One Nation Under God” into our secular democracy, there has been a concerted effort by many Christians to create an alternate reality that allows them to live blissfully in a pseudo world where everything they believe is real and there are no doubts about that at all. The effort towards building upon this pseudo world seems to have ramped up in the last decade. Christians everywhere have been flocking to this shadow world made of search engines that censor out anything against Christianity, a willfully biased online encyclopedia called Conservapedia, several museums that build up the pretend reality of Creationism, both radio and television stations that have been created only for the purpose of spouting out Christian approved news and views, many different dedicated social networking sites that shield Christians away from mingling with heathens and other infidels, modified versions of popular songs to fulfill and replace the Christian’s need for some decent tunes, and a growing number of home schools that work as a whole to ensure that the pseudo world will continue to survive and thrive. For Christians, this pseudo world is their answer to an encroaching reality, a way to have a sustainable future in a world that is quickly leaving them behind.

The alternate reality that Christians have built for themselves could be an important indicator of things to come, for it has long been known that living in denial is a stage of grief. According to the Kubler-Ross model of the five stages of grief, denial is usually a temporary defense and is generally replaced with heightened awareness of positions. We can only hope so.

As a former Christian, I can sympathize with those going through the denial stage. When I first lost my faith I experienced a tremendous amount of grief. I have heard many other stories by ex-Christians about the pain associated with losing faith. If Christianity is indeed grieving, there could soon be an explosion of depression among Christians. If you are a person that is experiencing depression related to losing your faith, don’t despair for there is help. You can start by looking here.



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