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The Incompatibility of Freedom and Islamic Sensitivity. January 8, 2011

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With over 1.5 billion adherents or nearly 25% of all of people on planet Earth, one could easily make the mistake of believing that Islam is filled with secure and self assured followers, yet it is with the smallest infraction that many Muslims react with outrage and violence. Considering that Islam is the majority religion in over 50 countries, it’s quite shocking to see so many Muslims up in arms over a silly offense like blasphemy. By overreacting to criticism, often with violence, Islam is sending a message to the rest of the world that it is not ready or willing to enter socities based upon freedom. With violent reactions aimed primarily at apostates, Christians, nonbelievers, and Jews, many Muslims tell the rest of the world that Islam is not meant to be tolerable. As much as Islam demands respect in the countries it doesn’t control, it tends to pay very little of the same respect to differing beliefs in it’s own lands. While violence and intolerance is clearly a trait of radical Islam, it’s the doctrine of Islam itself that supports these behaviors. To the moderate Muslim, Islamic doctrine does not endorse violence and intolerance, yet the Quran clearly instructs every follower to kill those that will not convert and lie about the plans to do so. When the Quran instructs followers to spread their faith at any cost, how can any rational person accept that Islam’s goals are to live in peace side by side with people that don’t believe the same way? If Islam truly wants the rest of the world to open it’s arms in embrace, maybe it’s followers should consider removing any instances in their doctrine about killing us and accept that everyone should be free to say whatever they may.

To show that I am reasonable and fair minded about my examination of Islam, I would like to say that Islam offers a much better way of dealing with poverty in Zakat than any Western society I can think of. Zakat is a tax that Muslims pay from their accumulated wealth, which is then given to those that are in need. Even though Zakat is a worthy idea for ending poverty, it’s not without it’s faults. Besides helping the poor, Zakat can also be used to help pay for the spread of Islam. Why is that all religions, with their claims for helping mankind, can’t just do so without indoctrination? If anyone was serious about ending poverty, they would focus the entirety of their poverty tax/tithes on doing so.



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