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Born into religion and indoctrinated for nearly two decades, I struggled with finding clarity of mind and sound reasoning, but eventually clawed through the crushing anxiety of a suddenly shifting world view and choose to stand up as a godless outcast to family, friends, and world, only to find that I had been reborn as my real self.



1. HIS DAUGHTER - September 9, 2010

Our Father has requested that you be given this message. You have not received this by mistake and in no way shape or form should you ignore what is being said to you! This is the most important information that anyone will ever receive!
Our Father wants you all to know the truth. He loves each and every one of you! No matter what you have done and or are currently doing. He is not pleased with all that we do, but this never stops him from loving us anyway. God created us for companionship. We are here on this earth to learn how to love, & the importance of love and how to be a good companion. God wants all of his children to accept the gift of eternal life that he has made available through salvation. We must invite Jesus into our heart to be a part of our spirit. John 3:16. We must confess our wrongful acts and ask Jesus to forgive us for doing them to begin with. (everyone who lives will do something wrong). We must ask God to guide us in our daily life and do our best not to do wrong acts. Talk with God in your mind all day long. He will direct your path. When you ask God a question, clear your mind and close our eyes and wait to see what God is saying to your heart. He will answer you, if you wait for an answer. Praise him especially when things are bad and I promise you, things will get better faster than if you don’t. I hope you will answer the father “He stands at the door of your heart & knocks …. Open the door and welcome him… There is no greater love in this world than the love of Our Father, Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
Love the Lord with your all. Consulting him in all you do, and do not worry If what he tells you to do makes no sense to you. If you are not sure in what he is telling you, ask him for clarification, I.E. a clear sign. Signs can come from a person, the TV, and the radio just to name a few of the channels that the Lord has used with me personally. Now, if you’re smart you will do what he tells you. Life is awesome when you listen. God REALLY, REALLY LOVES US LIKE CRAZY!!!!! HE HAS ALREADY PURCHASED ALL THESE BLESSINGS THAT HE SO DESPERATELY WANTS TO SPOIL HIS CHILDREN WITH. HE IS WAITING FOR US TO EARN THEM. We earn them by walking humbly with our Father. It’s not heavenly to spoil an ungrateful brat. Love each other. You do this by thinking in each situation prior to acting, how would I want to be treated if I were in that persons situation. ALWAYS give grace, (Grace =’s kindness, giving the benefit of the doubt) isn’t this how we all prefer to be treated?
If you desire to learn the truth about God “Andrew Wommack” is a wonderful teacher. You can find him on TV, or you can go to http://www.awmi.net. I’m honored to be able to share this message.

2. Linda G. - December 19, 2010

Wow. How anyone can believe and expect others to believe in an invisible being that has the time to know and love all 100 billion humans that have lived on this planet astonishes me. What a colossal waste of time, money, energy, and lives that are lost daily directly due to religion. Evil lives.

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