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Religious Bullying: Vulnerability and Violence April 18, 2011

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Much can be learned by observing how a particular religion reacts to opposition. I wouldn’t dare guess what it is in particular that makes Religionists freak out and attack, but I can say with some certainty that it is their own vulnerability mixed with an extreme lack of empathy and a desperate need for attention that assists them in behaving in this manner.

When a Religionist lashes out or shoves their beliefs down your throat, there is really nothing taking place that differentiates it from bullying. Psychologists used to believe that bullying was caused by a person’s lack of self-esteem, but it is now widely agreed upon that most bullying is caused by narcissism and a lack of personal responsibility. What in this world gives a person less personal responsibility than a savior based religion? Surrounded by frustration, anger, and like minded people, it would not take a person much effort to read the Quran and come away with a worldview that not only takes away personal responsibility, but also rewards someone for giving it up; hence virgins for suicide bombers.

Our reality has been so twisted by religious superstitions that we may be incapable of collectively pushing our way forward, but at the very least, if the civilized world gets attacked again, we should really consider sending counselors instead of bombs.


Thriving without gods. November 11, 2010

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It stands to reason, when considering the “sacred” words of the holy books, that atheists should be some of the most miserable and lonely humans this planet has ever known. Shunned by our fellow humans at the behest of the gods, we should be seen as being the poor underlings to the vast and obvious greatness of the much more superior supernatural brain slaves. Wasting our precious time and brain power, not on the strength of telepathic prayer, we should be seen toiling away at our pointless and doomed endeavors, yet without a single prayer, most atheists have managed to live happy and productive lives all throughout human history. Without a bent knee, atheists have managed to not only make many important scientific discoveries, but have also done so with a mind towards the good of humanity. How is it then that atheists haven’t spiraled to a godless pit of despair? The answer is that atheist inferiority is a myth on par with the ancient miracles. Not that religionists are known for seriously considering evidence, but one look at the atheist population shows that things are drastically contrary to their indoctrinated and quite popular belief. It’s not just a little ironic that religionists lay claim to being able to achieve anything through the power of their gods, when in fact it has always just been us humans achieving what was once thought unachievable. It’s us, not the gods, that have proven the capacity for greatness. The truth is that it has always been and will always be just us. To religionists, this is a terrifying proposition, but to the atheist, this is just reality and reality happens to dictate that we are only limited by the lies we tell ourselves.